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ADAMA launches an upgraded version of herbicide Agil


ADAMA has recently launched an enhanced version of its herbicide product, Agil, in China.

Agil is primarily used for managing common annual grass weeds in broadleaf crops. It offers a broad spectrum of weed control, is approved for multiple crops, and is recognized for its versatility and safety. ADAMA obtained the import pesticide registration certificate for Agil in China in 2018 and introduced it to the market in 2019. Agil contains Propaquizafop, an ingredient exclusively registered for ADAMA in China. The product launched this time is fortified with Propaquizafop 10% EC.

The upgraded version of Agil incorporates a new imported adjuvant system and is manufactured to high standards, ensuring stability even in adverse weather conditions such as low temperatures and rain. Its exceptional weed control performance further strengthens ADAMA's competitive edge in the Chinese market and aids farmers in addressing the challenge of grass weed control in broadleaf crop fields.



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