China Famous Brand
Series No. Product name Registered trademark Manufacturers
1 Organo-silicon methyl cyclosiloxane BlueStar Jiangxi Xinghuo Organosilicon Factory of BlueStar New Chemical Materials Co Ltd.
2 Anti-freeze BlueStar Blue Star Cleaning Co Ltd.
3 PVC paste resin Xingta Shenyang Chemical Industry Co Ltd.
4 Ammonium chloride He Haohua Honghe Chemical Industry CoLtd.
5 Caustic soda He Haohua Honghe Chemical Industry Co Ltd.
6 Soda ash He Haohua Honghe Chemical Industry Co Ltd.
7 Urea Yima Henan Junma Chemical Industry Group
Co Ltd.
8 All-steel radial tire Aeolus Aeolus Tire Co Ltd.
9 Strong force conveyor Xiangliu Qingdao Rubber Six Conveyor Belt  Co Ltd.
10 Condom Gaobang Guilin Latex Factory
11 vulcanizer Lichuang Guilin Rubber Machinery Factory
12 vulcanizer Double Wheel Fujian Sanming Double Wheel Chemical Machinery Co Ltd.
13 Pyrethrin Dacheng Shandong Dacheng Pesticide Co Ltd.
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