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ChemChina Asset Management Co., Ltd.

ChemChina Asset Management Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ChemChina. The company works as an intermediary institution, providing services for specialized companies and other subsidiary companies. It is a platform for ChemChina’s finance management and operation.

ChemChina Asset Management Co., Ltd. mainly engages in business of three sectors: reorganizing internal and external business, land property management, and non-primary assets management.

The sector of reorganizing of internal and external business includes the following three parts:
1. Identifying potential investors at home and abroad
2. Reorganizing internal sectors and reducing tertiary enterprises of ChemChina
3. Merging and acquisition of domestic enterprises

The sector of land property management includes the following four parts:
1. Assisting subordinate enterprises in purchasing land
2. Assisting in disposal of the original land used by relocated subordinate enterprises
3. Assisting in long-term external cooperation regarding land property
4. Assisting subordinate enterprises with external transactions of land property

The sector of non-primary assets management includes the following two parts:
1. Assisting in disposal of tertiary enterprises or enterprises of lower grade
2. Transformation of non-primary assets

Through specialized, market-oriented and intensive management, the Asset Company aims to increase ChemChina’s EVA (economic value added), reduce the asset-liability ratio, and realize assets capitalization and capital securitization. The Company is forging ahead to strengthen the base of ChemChina, which will guarantee better development in the future.

Established in October 2009, ChemChina Asset Management Co., Ltd. is located in Beijing.

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