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  • Elkem

    This is a world leader in silicon materials, castings, and carbon and solar grade polysilicon, with widespread recognition and many world-leading technologies.

    It has a metallic silicon production capacity of 148,000t/a and metallic silicon and micro-silica as its principal products. Elkem is the leading global supplier for the micro-silica market.

    The company’s casting alloy production capacity is 260,000t/a and its principal product is special silicon-based alloy. Its ferrosilicon magnesium alloy has the largest market share in Europe, as does its inoculant, in Europe, America and India. Its silicon-based special alloy has the largest market share in China.

    Elkem’s carbon production capacity is 430,000t/a. Its carbon products are mainly sold in Europe, South America, and the Asian-Pacific region. Its electrode paste claims a 60-percent share of the global market.

    Elkem has independently developed metallurgy technology for solar polysilicon production and holds the intellectual property right to this. It also established the world’s first metallurgy solar polysilicon industrialization unit.

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