ChemChina In U.S.

ChemChina has over 200 US employees and has operated US manufacturing and R&D facilities since 2006.ChemChina’s revenue in US reached $2.4 billion in 2015.

In 2007, US private equity fund The Blackstone Group invested $600 million in China National Bluestar Group, a ChemChina subsidiary, for a 20% equity stake.  This was the first international investor in a state-owned enterprise in China.   China National Bluestar Group conducts worldwide R&D on chemicals for the agricultural and industrial sectors, including operations in the US.

Through China National Bluestar Group, ChemChina has over two hundred employees based in the US with roles including manufacturing and R&D operations of silicone products. Offices and plants are located in California, Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and South Carolina.

Bluestar Silicones, a France-based subsidiary of China National Bluestar Group, opened a new plant in York, S.C. in 2012. The multi-million dollar facility conducts R&D and manufacturing for chemicals and products mainly in the health care and health device market.  Since its opening, the plant has brought 54 new jobs to the local economy and currently employs 109 people.

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