Overseas Development

ChemChina is a market-driven and responsible long-term investor.

ChemChina has a strong track record of success in integrating and managing its international investments. Notable acquisitions include: French Adisseo Group, Qenos in Australia, Rhodia Global Silicone in France; Norway’s Elkem, Israel’s ADAMA, Italy’s Pirelli, REC Solar in Norway and KraussMaffei in Germany.

ChemChina provides its international affiliates with significant management independence. For example, with its recent KrausMaffei acquisition, ChemChina plans to increase jobs in Germany and keep operational responsibility at the company’s headquarters in Munich. All existing collective bargaining agreements and facility commitments remained unchanged. ChemChina offered similar commitments to Pirelli.

Year Company Country
2006 Adisseo Group France
2006 Qenos Holding Limited Australia
2007 Rhodia Global Silicone France
2011 Elkem Norway
2011 Makhteshim Agan Israel
2015 REC Solar USA
2015 Pirelli Italy
2016(announced) KraussMaffei Group Germany
2016(announced) Mercuria Energy Trading(12% stake) Switzerland
2017 Syngenta Switzerland
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