Employee Development
Talent Cultivation

ChemChina believes that improving the life-long employability of its staff is essential. The company offers its employeesopportunities and career development, which can tap their potential and boost job training. Employees can enjoy greater occupational capabilities, professional qualities and spirit.

Training System

We design all-level training systems.

Management Professionals

We offer training programs such as leadership development plans, Central Party School training programs, rotations across multiple business functions and overseas rotation programs.

Technical Professionals

We carry out training courses such as vice-SHRO training, disciplinary inspections and supervision workshops, vice-CFO training, vice-CIO training, technical specialists training classes and the League Secretary training courses.

Skilled workers

We provide distance-learning courses for group leaders.

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ChemChina 2011 Global Job Opportunities
ChemChina 2011 Global Job Opportunities
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