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ChemChina 2011 Global Job Opportunities

ChemChina, headquartered in Beijing, is a large state-owned enterprise under the administration of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. It was established on 9 May 2004 with approval of the State Council and is made up of enterprises under the former Chemical Ministry including China National BlueStar (Group) Co., Ltd. and China Haohua Chemical (Group) Corporation.  

ChemChina boasts competitive advantages across six sectors: new chemical materials and special chemicals; oil processing and refining products; chloralkali chemicals; agrochemicals; rubber products, and chemical equipment. The company has formed an integral business pattern emphasizing scientific research and development, engineering design, production and management, and domestic and foreign trade.

ChemChina has six specialized companies: China National BlueStar (Group), China Haohua Chemical (Group) Corporation, China National Agrochemical Corporation, China National Tire & Rubber Corporation, China National Chemical Equipment Corporation, and ChemChina Oil & Gas Development Company. It also has four directly-subordinated companies: ChemChina Finance Company, ChemChina Asset Company, China National Chemical Information Center, and ChemChina Data Center. The company has a total of 111 enterprises, 24 research and design institutes, as well as many A-share listed companies, including Bluestar New Chemical Materials Co., Ltd, Shenyang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd, Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd, Hebei Cangzhou Dahua Co., Ltd, Heilongjiang Heihua Co., Ltd, Aeolus Tyre Co., Ltd. Sichuan Tianyi Science & Technology Co., Ltd. It also owns four overseas companies including Adisseo, Qenos amd Bluestar Silicones France. ChemChina has opened production and R&D bases in 140 countries and regions around the world, it possesses a sound marketing system, and has import & export business located across the globe. The company is authorized to engage in import and export trade, to conduct special chemical business, and examine and approve foreign affairs.

ChemChina ranks 19th among the world's Top 100 Chemical corporations and 28th in the list of China's Top 500 enterprises. It is the largest basic chemical company in China. The company is striving to build itself into an internationally recognized company by strengthening its core lines of business, optimizing company structure, and improving overall competitiveness.

To further the company's future development, ChemChina is now seeking global talents. The details of the vacancies currently available are as follows:

Positions and Requirements

1. ChemChina Chief Policy Research Analyst
Major Responsibilities
1) Following and providing analysis on policies at home and abroad with relevance to the chemical industry;
2) Studying and predicting major trends in policy developments as well as its impact on the company;
3) Providing relevant advice for company’s development planning based on policy trends;
4) Administration of key documents.

1) PhD;
2) Economics or related major;
3) Around 40 years old;
4) Good English skills;
5) Eight years plus experience in policy study and paper work; policy study experience with central or provincial departments or the chemical industry is preferred;
6) Good organizational and communication skills; strong self-management and work ethic; good political sensibility.

2. ChemChina Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)
Major Responsibilities:
1) Formulating and implementing the company’s annual and long-term strategic plans, ensuring the strategic plan and its implementation fall in line with the company’s aim and strategy;
2) Working closely with ChemChina Finance Company to identify development opportunities, create new values for clients, staff members and shareholders, raise operating revenue, and expand client base. Consolidating the company’s competiveness through strategic leadership and innovation;
3) Providing CEO and top management teams with in-depth analysis and strategic guidance, and offering policy advice on business strategies;
4) Drawing up business guidelines and development plans based on industrial and market conditions;
5) Guiding and supporting the performance evaluation procedure to monitor results and changes to measures taken by various subsidiaries;
6) Offering guidance on assets integration of new enterprises and corresponding measures;
7) Representing the company at various industry-related policy forums and conferences to increase the company’s contribution to government policy formulation.

1) Bachelor's degree or above;
2) Management, business management or chemistry major;
3) 10-15 years in business or related industries, experience within chemical sectors is preferred; at least 5-years experience of CSO in the field;
4) Management experience in R&D, market and business innovation strategy in large companies;
5) Experience in assisting, executing and supervising strategic business planning, and in realizing a company's goals;
6) Expertise in acquisition investigation and implementation;
7) Experience in leading industrial research, market analysis and competitive intelligence, able to identify business opportunities and bring up concrete measures;
8) Excellent analytical and communicative skills, outstanding charisma, decisive personality;
9) Good English skills;
10) Overseas experience is preferred;
11) No limits to nationality.

3. ChemChina Chief Human Resources Officer
1) Formulating and executing ChemChina's global talent strategy and ensuring it falls in line with the company's business strategy;
2) Building systematic HR teams for the company and its subsidiaries, offering guidance to HR managers at subsidiary level, and raising their core expertise;
3) Assisting in the development of an organizational structure and an HR system to increase the development opportunities of the company;
4) Evaluating various HR systems by taking into account specific regions and cultures, ability to work quickly optimizing HR systems within a limited time frame;
5) Promoting an introduction mechanism for new leadership from outside;
6) Leading the formulation of a performance evaluation system for the management teams of the company and subsidiaries;
7) Overseeing leadership successions within the company and its subsidiaries;
8) Establishing training plans for all staff members;
9) Participating in compensation discussions with high-level officials; implementing a payment system consistent with the company’s overall goals.

1) Bachelor's degree or above;
2) HR management, business management or chemistry major;
3) Good English skills;
4) Experience in a high-level management team, preferably having previously held a position as senior HR leader;
5) Rich experience and expertise in HR strategic execution, employee relationships, talent management, organization, payment and award schemes, team building and leadership development.
6) Experience in developing advanced and effective projects as well as policy;
7) Having a deep understanding and knowledge of HR management in a rapidly developing and reforming enterprise;
8) Good interpersonal, coordination and communicative skills, able to solve complex problems;
9) Penetrating insight, strong analytical abilities, excellent leadership and persuasive skills;
10) Strong sense of responsibility, good work ethic, upright, sincere and confident;
11) No limits to nationality.  

4. ChemChina Finance Company CEO
1) Formulating long-term development strategies and sustainable plans, executing decisions reached during board meetings, and reporting solutions and results to the board;
2) Formulating strategic policy for major business, taking charge of daily operating management, supervising and implementing the company’s running, fund raising and other key activities;
3) Offering support to the following activities: identifying and developing strategic partners; establishing joint ventures; acquisition and mergers; creating added value for shareholders, commercial units and clients; increasing operating revenue; expanding client and market base;
4) Developing investment banking, coordinating internal and external resources, executing fund operations of various specialized companies;
5) Broadening various financial services such as secondary market investment, financial leasing, bond issues and insurance intermediaries; providing a superb financial service center for the company;
6) Perfecting risk management systems, maintaining and increasing the value of funds, maximizing capital efficiency.
7) Establishing a management administration of an international standard, setting up advanced management procedures and regulations to ensure company efficiency;
8) Maintaining good relations with supervisory government departments, creating an environment conducive to company development, constructing a platform for business expansion.
9) Appointing or dismissing vice-general managers, appointing or dismissing managers, with the exception of those who can only be appointed or dismissed by the board, improving the overall quality of management, forming an outstanding team of finance elite.

1) Bachelor's degree or above;
2) Finance major
3) Six years or more working in finance, or ten years or more in fund management (including three years plus in finance);
4) Familiar with China’s economic and financial policies, as well as supervisory laws and regulations;
5) More than eight years experience in fund management for large corporations, familiar with fund planning and capital investment and raising business, more than five years of experience as department manager;
6) Good leadership and charisma, good interpersonal skills, strong management, coordination and negotiation abilities, good insight;
7) Strong sense of responsibility, adept at dealing with pressure, fully prepared for possible difficulties and finding solutions. Good at analysis and problem solving, adaptability, ability to accomplish desirable results in a complex environment. Professional and moral.
8) No limits to nationality.

5) ChemChina Chief Auditor
1) Planning and executing risk-related internal auditing projects for specialized companies, as well as projects required by SASAC;
2) Ensuring the internal auditing service provides work of the highest professional standard and efficiency;
3) Launching auditing projects on schedule;
4) Reporting auditing results to senior management;
5) Meeting the CEO and corporate chief auditor at regular intervals to review the internal control and auditing problems;
6) Promoting suitable risk management and internal control practices in specialized companies;
7) Launching investigations into fraud, pilfering and business fraud at the management’s request;
8) Overseeing risk management procedures for specialized companies.

1) Bachelor's Degree or above;
2) Business or Finance Major;
3) Very Familiar with and experienced in internal control procedures, as well as auditing, business and finance, IT operation and fraud investigation;
4) More than eight years of leadership in finance, auditing or risk management;
5) Experienced in enterprise risk management methods and technologies;
6) Familiar with external auditing methods and technologies;
7) Knowledge of risk management and the internal control environment in China;
8) Work experience with the Big Four accounting firms is preferred;
9) Good English skills;
10) Holding a professional accounting certificate (such as chartered accountant or certified public accountant);
11) No limits to nationality.

6. General Counsel of ChemChina specialized companies
1) Fully in charge of legal affairs in decision making, operation and management;
2) Participating in major decision making procedures to ensure the validity of decisions, and to bring forward precautionary advice;
3) Helping to ensure implementation and compliance of important regulations and setting up of a sound legal organization;
4) In charge of legal education and training;
5) Offering advice to correct unlawful practices, supervising or assisting various departments;
6) Guiding the subsidiaries in carrying out legal work, offering advice on appointments and dismissal of persons in charge of legal affairs.

1) Bachelor's degree or above;
2) Law-abiding, upright, honest, diligent, team player, strict, good professional demeanor;
3) Familiar with enterprise operation and management and industrial development trends; knowledge of industrial laws, regulations and legal business;
4) Experienced in dealing with complex legal affairs;
5) Strong organizational, coordination and communication skills; experienced in setting up, expanding, or managing a firm’s legal department;
6) Having resources of law firms home and abroad; experienced in hiring external lawyers;
7) Possessing qualifications of legal adviser, eight-plus years in legal work.  
8) Good English Skills;
9) No limits to nationality.

Ⅱ Hiring Process
1). Application;
2). CV screening;
3). Interview;
4). Assessment;
5). Physical examination and background check;
6). Employment procedure.

Ⅲ Application
1. Application Deadline
14 March, 2011 (postmark date)
2. How to apply
1) Online application: Log in to Online Application at the company website and fill in the form
                 Email: hr@chemchina.com
2) Mail to us:
          Address: Human Resources of ChemChina; 62 Beisihuan Xilu, Haidian District, Beijing
           Postal Code: 100080
Contact name: Huang Jiayin  Chen Deliang
Telephone: 86-10-82677807; 82677735
Fax: 010-82677088

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March, 2011

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