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The biggest basic chemical producer in China, ChemChina has also opened production and R&D bases in 140 countries and regions worldwide with a sound marketing system. It owns ten A-share listed companies, 130 enterprises and 24 research and design institutes. At home and around the world, ChemChina has become a leading chemical corporation in strength, R&D and innovation.

The efforts of our employees guarantee the growth of our enterprise--in other words, talent is our most important resource. We're pleased that you've expressed interest in a career at ChemChina, and we welcome you to join us for a brighter future.

Maybe you are an expert with a wealth of experience, looking for a new position; maybe you are a just-graduated beginner looking for your first job; maybe you are just looking for some experience, and would be interested in an internship. If you're interested in what ChemChina can offer you, you may search for positions according to your level of experience.

We will update the "Hiring Announcement" page as soon as we have job vacancies.

Also, there is an online application system, where you can apply for the position of your choice.

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