I. Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the financial budgets and final accounts, financial accounts, accounting supervision and financial management of China National Agrochemical Co., Ltd. (“CNAC” for short);

2. Coordinate the intermediate agencies to complete tax planning and due diligence in the process of purchasing companies, conduct evaluation, audit and participate in negotiations about trade consideration;

3. Responsible for CNAC overseas branches’ post-investment financial management;

4. Develop financial statements, financial budgets and final accounts, provide timely and effective financial analyses for CNAC, ensure normal proceedings of financial information disclosure, effectively supervise and examine the execution of the financial system and budgets, make timely and appropriate adjustments;

5. Responsible for assets transfer and tax planning of the overseas companies purchased;

6. Responsible for CNAC’s annual final accounts, and its internal joint auditing.

II. Requirements

1. Working experience in Big Four accounting firms;

2. Financial management experience in foreign enterprises;

3. Master’s degree or above, with first degree in accounting, finance or related majors in a 211 or above university;

4. Certified public accountant certificate, experience in making financial analyses;

5. English as the working language.

III. Number of Vacancies


IV. Way of Contact

Please send your latest resume to rsb@chemchina.com, and name both your email and your resume “CNAC-Senior Financial Manager-Your Name.”

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