CEO of U.S. DuPont Company Ellen Kullman visits ChemChina

On Mar 17, Ren Jianxin, general manager of ChemChina met with Ellen Kullman, Chairwomen of the Board and CEO of the U.S. DuPont Company in the head office of ChemChina. Mr. Ren extended a warm welcome to Ellen Kullman. Both sides held friendly talks to further enforce exchanges and cooperations in the future.

Mr. Ren extended his wish of cooperation: "DuPont Company is one of the most famous chemical enterprises in the world, and our cooperation with DuPont Company will be highly valued." Ellen Kullman hoped that the two sides well display their respective advantages on the basis of mutual benefits; work together on R & D of new chemical materials, environmental protection and the welfare of society.

In the end, the two sides further negotiated cooperation projects.
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