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ChemChina holds annual work conference
Source: ChemChina Date: 2014-01-12

ChemChina held its 2014 annual work conference from Jan 10 to 12 at the Beijing Conference Center to hammer home the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the Central Economic Work Conference, and the Conference of State-Owned Entrepreneurs. The meeting reviewed work in 2013 and made deployments for 2014. All specialty companies and subsidiaries attended. 

Gao Fengtao, SASAC supervisory board director; Kong Jianguo, office director of the board; Yu Xuefan, deputy inspector of the SASAC inspection department; and other officials from the SASAC Party committee were present to give lectures. Gao delivered a speech at the meeting on behalf of the SASAC supervisory board. 

Ren Jianxin made the annual work report on deepening structure adjustment and speeding up sales reform to transform ChemChina. He summarized the work over the past year and concluded that ChemChina had accomplished various tasks by the Party, the State Council and the SASAC, actively handling the complex economic environment in China and abroad. It rose above adverse conditions, such as rising costs, dropping product prices, and difficult production and management situations. In 2013, operating revenue amounted to 244 billion yuan ($40.37 billion), up 21 percent year-on-year. Profit stood at 650 million yuan, up 13.8 percent. Seven subsidiaries overseas had good performances, realizing 74.1 billion yuan in operating revenue and 1.76 billion yuan in profit. As of Dec 2013, ChemChina’s total assets reached 293.6 billion yuan, up 9.8 percent year-on-year. It ranked 355 on the Fortune 500 list in 2013, up 47 positions compared with 2012, with annual sales of $31.97 billion. It placed eighth among chemical companies on the list. 

In 2013, ChemChina made great strides in building a marketing system; raising production and operation quality; adjusting and optimizing structure; introducing funds and reducing debt through reform; continuously upgrading lean management; and enhancing investment management, scientific innovation, energy conservation and emissions reduction. The company also tightened management of new investment projects, with investment down 56.8 percent year-on-year. It focused on optimizing technical processes and renovating equipment, and accomplished 44 equipment diagnoses and upgrades. 

The company’s scientific research and development also stood out in 2013, and received significant profits in commercializing scientific applications. It conducted 793 scientific projects, reviewed 186 projects, and made a series of cutting-edge innovation achievements with independent intellectual property. The 1.2-million-ton potassium sulphate packaged technology at Lop Nor salt lake developed by the Changsha and Lehigh institutes won first place in the national scientific progress awards. ChemChina applied for 719 patents in 2013, including 385 patents for inventions. It was granted 605 patents, including 250 patents for inventions. It was one of the top patent developers among State-owned companies for three consecutive years. 

In 2013, ChemChina continued to promote “zero emissions” management, adhering to green, low-carbon and circular production as well as raising overall resource utilization. It strengthened management and broke bottlenecks through technical renovation and increased environmental protection input. It also lived up to its responsibilities in energy conservation and emissions reduction. During the third round of checks by the SASAC, ChemChina’s comprehensive energy consumption per 10,000 yuan of output value reached 1.13 tons of standard coal, down 17.6 percent year-on-year and 8.7 percent over and above the original target. The success helped it win the Excellent Company Award for Energy Conservation and Emissions Reduction.

In his report, Ren arranged next year’s work. He urged all parties to reform sales to expand market and optimize units and productions; upgrade management, raise efficiency and continue with improvement; speed up structure adjustment and raise operation quality; strictly manage investment, optimize project management, and make the best use of equipment; integrate resources, raise innovative abilities, and strengthen auxiliary facility construction; step up safety management, conserve energy and reduce emission; strengthen team building and talent management; enhance Party construction and mobilize all employees to do their bit.

Production, finance, science, employee and company development plans were made at the meeting. Special work reports on excellence-pursuing stories and Dezhou Shihua’s e-commerce were also launched.

A total of 506 people were on hand, including officials from ChemChina headquarters, specialty companies and tertiary subsidiaries, as well as work representatives, senior foreign executives and professional managers.

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