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REC Solar Makes Breakthroughs in Japanese Market
Source: ChemChina Date: 2017-08-24

Recently, REC Solar, an overseas subsidiary of Bluestar, announced the official commercialized production of its Mono 50 BLK solar panel.

The Mono 50 BLK solar panel is specifically designed for the Japanese residential market that features small area of residential roof. Compared with the standard 60-cell panel, the new product features more complicated design, more rational and practical size, and time-saving and convenient installation. Also, it has performance features of REC series solar products, can completely eliminate potential induced degradation (PID) and avoid power loss in severe conditions. With a maximum output power of 250Wp, the product has achieved the technical innovations of greater electric capacity and lighter weight, winning high praise in the market.

REC Solar has been a pacesetter in the PV field thanks to its world record of output power and boasts a host of world-leading technologies. The product has made two breakthroughs, that is, it is REC’s first product with monocrystalline solar cells, and REC Solar has become the first European company that launches the 50-cell solar panel.

“REC is renowned in Japan as a highly trusted brand with high product services and more competitive price. The new product reflects REC Solar’s accurate market positioning and high attention to customer needs, and further consolidates the leading position of the company in the Japanese market," said Ushio Okuyama, Representative Director for Japan at REC Group.

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