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Pirelli Releases a New Logo for Truck & Bus and Industrial Tires
Source: ChemChina Date: 2017-08-26

On August 25, Pirelli announced a proprietary logo for its truck & bus and industrial tires.

In order to maintain its brand continuity and differentiate from its consumer tires, Pirelli has changed the color of the logo of its truck & bus and industrial tires on the basis of the previous logo and added a text bar to the new logo.

The new logo consists of a blue background and the white English letters of “Pirelli”. Moreover, the logo is added below the English letters of “Pirelli” with characters of “TRUCK BUS OTR”, indicating it is intended for truck, bus, agricultural vehicle and off-road tires. The characters consist of white letters, with a grey background.

Since its founding in 1872, Pirelli has changed its logo for several times. The creation of logo for truck & bus and industrial tires indicates that Pirelli will continue to focus on the development of the truck & bus and industrial fields and provide as always its customers with high-quality products and solutions.

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