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ChemChina and Dingxi Municipal Government Sign Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement
Source: ChemChina Date: 2017-09-01

On August 31, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation framework agreement between China National Chemical Corporation (ChemChina) and Dingxi municipal government was held at the head office of ChemChina. ChemChina Chairman Ren Jianxin and Dingxi Mayor Dai Chao signed the agreement on behalf of the two sides respectively. Before the ceremony, Dingxi Municipal Party Secretary Tang Xiaoming and Dingxi Mayor Dai Chao held friendly talks with Ren Jianxin and other leaders of ChemChina.

According to the agreement, the two sides will cooperate with each other in the fields of innovation of the potato and astragali radix industries, technical innovation and financial innovation. Located in the middle part of Gansu Province, Dingxi is a place of strategic importance along the ancient Silk Road and a place along the new Eurasia Land Bridge. The city has a total arable area of 12.18 million mu, of which the planting areas of potato and traditional Chinese medicinal materials are three million mu and one million mu. Dingxi is planning to build itself into a potato city and a Chinese medicine city. ChemChina will cooperate extensively with Syngenta and top global grain dealers, fully tap the resources of distinctive agricultural products of Dingxi, discuss about advanced technologies for photo storage, assist Dingxi in improving the level of potato storage, prolonging the time of potato storage and increasing the potato storage quality. It promised to take full advantage of Bluestar's water treatment technologies to help Dingxi solve the problem of wastewater treatment of potato starch processing, effectively promote transformation and upgrading of characteristic and advantageous industries of the city and achieve value enhancement of the whole industrial chain.

On December 1, 2016, a delegation headed by Ren visited Dingxi, laying a foundation for signing of the framework agreement and the cooperation between the two sides. This year, China National Agrochemical Corporation (CNAC) responded actively to the overall plan of ChemChina, made a survey on the current situation of the potato industry of Dingxi and made its work plan for 2017. The delegation communicated with potato experts and companies through different channels so as to find potential opportunities for cooperation. Syngenta set up a demonstration park for potato planting in Dingxi and hired experts to carry out training in scientific planting, winning high praise from farmer households of the city. “By relying on the advanced technologies of Syngenta, we are confident in increasing the yield of potato of Dingxi by over 30%”, said Liu Rongqing, Vice Head of the Agricultural Bureau of Dingxi. In addition, Bluestar Cleaning has made several field visits to the city, made in-depth analysis and finally worked out three feasible solutions to solve the long-standing and difficult problems of wastewater treatment of local potato processing companies.

At the consultation meeting held on August 31, Tang Xiaoming said that ChemChina hopes to promote the demonstration project of Syngenta in Dingxi and continue to carry out cooperation in the fields of planting of Chinese herbal medicines, flowers, vegetables and high-value crops as well as wastewater treatment, agricultural finance and agricultural grain trade.

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