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Adama Agricultural Solutions Ltd. and Sanonda Completed the Reorganization
Source: ChemChina Date: 2017-09-29

On September 29, 2017, after the merger of Adama Agricultural Solutions Ltd. and Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd., the reorganized new company today announced the appointed new directors and senior managers, which marked the completion of such reorganization.

The reorganized new company is committed to “creating agriculture simplification”, providing farmers with efficient products and services, simplifying farmers’ farming life, and assisting farmers to develop. As one of the enterprises boasting a wide range of diversified and differentiated quality products, the reorganized new company gives full play to excellent team of 6,600 employees, keeps in-depth contacts with farmers across over 100 countries, provides farmers with weeding, insecticide and sterilization solutions, and helps farmers increase outputs. The reorganized new company announced the establishment of the eighth regional business region—China Region which will continue to expand market outreaching and enhance operation and R & D strengths by all means.

The reorganized new company will operate under the name and brand of Adama. It will be continuously headquartered in Israel where global R & D, registration and operation are ongoing. The reorganized new company will set a comeback to stock market, and emerge as the first crop protection multinational publicly traded in the Chinese stock market.

Through “coordinated synergy”, this merger gives birth to the only one multinational which “sets foothold in China and embraces the whole world” in crop protection industry. In 2016, it saw pre-consolidated sales amount of USD3.35 billion US dollars and pre-consolidated EBITDA of USD584 million. At present, it is the world’s sixth largest crop protection enterprise.

In 2011, ChemChina acquires Israeli Adama Agricultural Solutions Ltd. (the largest non-patented crop protection giant at that time). The successful merger of Adama Agricultural Solutions Ltd. and Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd. is an important action taken by ChemChina Life Science Business Unit to intensify the integration and synergy effects.

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