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CNAC at the ACE 2017
Source: ChemChina Date: 2017-10-19

From October 15 to 17, the AgroChemEx 2017 (ACE), or the 17th National Agrochemical Exchange Meeting, was held at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. The theme of this exhibition is "face the industry's multiple challenges and practice the green development". China National Agrochemical Corporation (CNAC), together with its subsidiaries, participated in the exhibition with an image of “ChemChina”.

This year, the booth featured two star enterprises: ADAMA, which just completed the reorganization with Sanonda, and Syngenta, which became a member of ChemChina’s big family this year and, for the first time, made its debut at the ChemChina’s booth. This has demonstrated that ChemChina's super strength in “life science”.

With the most influential international exhibition platform in the global agrochemical industry, the sales staff of CNAC received nearly one hundred domestic and foreign merchants from countries such as India, Pakistan, Thailand and other countries and regions, and conducted a wide range of exchanges and negotiations on supply and demand information, procurement and technical cooperation as well as product registration. This has strengthened the relations between new and old customers at home and abroad, so that we could understand and grasp the market trend in a short term and the future.

This grand event brings together more than 700 domestic and foreign exhibitors to showcase their edge, including over 40 overseas companies from Brazil, South Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, and India and other countries and regions.

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