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Elkem’s Union Delegation Conducts Exchanges with Bluestar
Source: ChemChina Date: 2017-10-24

In this golden autumn, a 17-person delegation of Elkem’s Trade Union came to Bluestar’s headquarters to strengthen the cultural exchange and integration. Elkem is a Norway-based overseas company under Bluestar Company.

On the reception, Hao Zhigang, Chairman and Party Secretary of Bluestar Corporation, on behalf of all employees, extended a warm welcome to the delegation of Elkem’s Trade Union. He hoped that this exchange would further promote the mutual understanding between overseas staff and Bluestar headquarters, deepen the identity of overseas enterprises with Bluestar's corporate culture, and enhances the confidence of both parties in building a better future.

During the visit, Elkem's delegation watched with great interest feature films titled Bluestar’s Memorandum, which gave a more in-depth understanding of Bluestar's entrepreneurial history and future development strategies. In the subsequent interactive Q&A session, delegates enthusiastically raised questions. They said that, through this exchange, they learned more about Bluestar's past, present and future, and are deeply proud of being a member of the Bluestar family. They will work hard with domestic employees of Bluestar Company and join hands to make positive contributions to the development and expansion of Bluestar family.

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