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Elkem Solar Awarded “Norwegian Climate Business of the Year 2017”
Source: ChemChina Date: 2017-11-08

Recently, Elkem Solar, by relying on its groundbreaking solar energy silicon production technology, has been awarded “Norwegian Climate Business of the Year 2017”. The jury stated that the technology has lower emissions, less energy consumption and increased cost efficiency in the production process. Through a strong focus on innovation and emission reduction and effective promotion of the development of green development, Elkem Solar aims to turn itself into a great example of Norwegian manufacturers by relying on its high-quality products and services.

 “It’s an honor to accept this award on behalf of all Elkem Solar employees. When we started working with solar about 10 years ago, it was a small niche, and today the world market is 50 times bigger. Getting where we are today has been a true adventure, despite the challenges along the way. However, we believe that Elkem Solar will continue to maintain high-speed growth through cost reduction, efficiency increase, technical innovation and teamwork,” said plant manager Geir Ausland at Elkem Solar.

 “In the years to come, the majority of new power capacity will be renewable. Solar cells are not the only solution, but it’s clearly the solution that is most efficient in counteracting climate change worldwide. We want to be part of developing these solutions,” said Helge Aasen, CEO of Elkem.

Silicon is the most important component in solar panels. Elkem Solar developed a high-purity silicon for use in silicon wafers, Elkem Solar Silicon (ESS®) in 2009, and has the lowest CO2 footprint of all production technologies for solar silicon today. Elkem Solar, as an industry leader, uses 25% less energy in the production of solar silicon compared to its competitors.

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