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China Bluestar Chengrand Founds First National Silicone Engineering Technology Research Sub-center
Source: ChemChina Date: 2017-12-28

Recently, the “National Silicone Engineering Technology Research Center Medical Rehabilitation Sub-center”, which was jointly established by China Bluestar Chengrand Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Xuelun Medicine Technology Co., Ltd., was founded. The sub-center is the first branch of the National Silicone Engineering Technology Research Center, marking a milestone for extensive product applications and incubation of the national R&D platform that is based on China Bluestar Chengrand Research Institute.

In recent years, the institute has been driving development through scientific and technological innovation, accelerating commercialization of R&D deliverables, placing equal emphasis on scientific research and industrialized development. By keeping increasing its competitiveness, the institute has taken a path that leads to positive development featuring integration of production and research as well as military-civilian integration and mutual promotion. Especially, in the downstream application fields and market segments, the institute fully tapped the advantages of technology, brand and platform resources, focused on key businesses and customers, and actively explored to strengthen its cooperation and communication with industry leaders so as to promote business development and effectively raise its brand awareness and influence.

The establishment of the sub-center is the result of the in-depth integration between scientific researches and actual demands of the industry, and also the result of the strong supports of the scientific research institution for the medical rehabilitation industry, reflecting the high sense of social responsibilities of the ChemChina. The two sides will take the opportunity to cooperate with each other extensively in terms of application for scientific research project, substitution for imported materials and new product development, give full play to the advantages of cooperation, make further progress in development and application of silicone materials in the field of materials for medical rehabilitation, and accelerate the commercialization of scientific deliverables.

The institute will make full use of the resource advantages of the state-level technical platform, carry out more cooperative projects and work faster to put more scientific research results to the market.

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