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REC Solar Launches the World’s First N-type Mono Solar Panel
Source: ChemChina Date: 2018-07-27

REC Solar, a subsidiary of China National BlueStar (Group) Co., Ltd. (BlueStar), has recently launched its brand-new N-type higher performance solar panel, an epoch-making product, at Intersolar Europe in Munich. The new panel is the first N-type mono half-cut cell panel made by REC Solar, with a power output of up to 330 watt. The product was officially put into production at the end of June and is scheduled to appear off the production line in August.

The REC N-type product builds on the success of REC’s multiple award-winning TwinPeak technology in 2015. It incorporates REC’s powerful 60-cell module and is the world’s first N-type mono half-cut solar panel, with higher power output and a super-strong frame design. It also incorporates zero light-induced degradation, has a longer service life and can perform better in cloudy and rainy conditions, as is proved by the test results of the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore.

The new product has attracted great attentions from customers and partners of REC Solar and media. “The new REC N-Peak writes the next chapter in our company narrative” said REC Group CEO Steve O’Neil, introducing the new module at the company’s booth. “We are taking a big step by leapfrogging into advanced n-mono technology, reinforcing our reputation as an innovator of reliable and efficient solar panels. It is one thing to design high efficiency products on a lab scale, but a totally different one to bring it to mass production. This helps make REC Solar the most trusted company.”

The successful display of the solar panel at Intersolar Europe made the product stand out from competition and significantly attract public attentions. In the future, REC Solar will promote the new product through more channels.  

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