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ChemChina to Showcase Itself at the 17th International Chemical Industry Fair
Source: ChemChina Date: 2018-09-13

 A quarter of the world's airbags use Bluestar’s silicone coatings. 70% of China’s seawater desalination business is completed by ChemChina. One in every six tomatoes in the world comes from ChemChina. The world’s largest drying unit is made by ChemChina. Weather balloons that detect the weather every day come from ChemChina. These stars products of ChemChina will be displayed at the 17th International Chemical Industry Fair.

From September 19 to 21, the 2018 (17th) International Chemical Industry Fair will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. The core products and business of ChemChina’s three major business sections, including materials science, life science and environmental science, will be displayed at the Fair. At the same time, the exhibition area of digital chemical industry will display the ChemChina Cloud Platform, digital agriculture, digital tires, and digital equipment. Syngenta, the world's largest plant protection company under ChemChina, will make its debut in ChemChina’s display area after it was acquired. ChemChina’s booth No. are E7C01 and E7C03.

Defining the Concept of Digital Chemical Industry

Modern industrial development relies on new ideas and development models to create a smart chemical industry. ChemChina Cloud Platform, built and run by ChemChina's e-commerce subsidiary, is data-based and service-oriented, and centering on resource integration and sharing. It is a national comprehensive e-commerce platform in the chemical industry capable of providing “one-stop whole-process trading services.” In the past two years since the launch of the Cloud Platform, it has provided chemical trading services to tens of thousands of customers, with the cumulative trading volume exceeding 12 million tons. At this exhibition, people can experience the core functions and mobile application scenarios of the Cloud Platform.

In the exhibition area of digital tires, smart digital tires are introduced. In the field of high-end tires, Pirelli has worked to make the digital transformation, develop the core concept of asset interconnection, big data and analysis, and digitization-driven culture. Pirelli will bring coated tires with cool colors to this exhibition. Aeolus Tyre has striven to combine the tire industry with smart information sensors, achieved dynamic wheel position management, established a data collection system for remote tire pressure and pattern temperature so as to help users analyze tire usage habits and provide tire selection and service solutions.

In the field of digital agriculture, a series of smart agricultural programs launched by Syngenta and ADAMA at home and abroad are displayed. By forecasting the weather, analyzing soil information, monitoring crops with sensors, and utilizing “swarm” robots, we can grasp that digital solutions lead smart agriculture. The development of digital equipment is guided by the “Plastics 4.0” strategy. KraussMaffei has united domestic enterprises to bring new production changes to customers.

Three Major Business Sections

Life Science - Syngenta Seed Agriculture

In the life science section, people can taste Syngenta's latest varieties of corn and tomatoes. While satisfying the taste, people can see Syngenta’s broadest product line in the industry, the industry’s most innovative and productive R&D strength, and the green growth plan for the sustainable development of agriculture.

Materials Science - Solid Tree for Materials

In the materials science section, fascinating solid tree for materials shows the high performance of new materials such as aramid fiber, silicone materials, organic fluorine, PBT resin, and carbon fiber.

Environmental Science - Creating 3D Water Treatment Environment

By creating a dynamic environment for water treatment by means of sound, light, and electricity, people can experience ChemChina’s water treatment and seawater desalination capabilities, so as to promote the development of eco-environmental industry and the ecological concept of green hills and clear waters.

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