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ChemChina Inks 7 Deals at 2018 CIIE
Source: ChemChina Date: 2018-11-07

On the morning of November 7, ChemChina hosted a signing ceremony at the first China International Import Expo (CIIE), inking seven cooperation agreements with nine partners and clients. These agreements cover the import of methionine products, natural rubber, matched tires, and automotive interiors cutting equipment, the purchase of crude oil, and the supply of high-quality products and technical services. ChemChina Party Secretary and Board Chairman Ning Gaoning attended and addressed the audience of over 50, composed of division executives of ChemChina and representatives of its partners.

The CIIE is an initiative proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping to the entire world. As the world’s first import-themed national exposition, it aims to provide an open, collaborative platform and public goods to showcase national images and promote international trade and economic globalization. Themed on “New Era, Shared Future”, this year’s CIIE showed the Chinese government’s firm support to trade liberalization and economic globalization and actively opening the Chinese market to the world. “ChemChina is a highly international central enterprise and a truly multinational corporation, generating more than 70% of revenue and having more than half of its workforce working overseas. Grateful for all the benefits received, ChemChina is a firm champion of economic globalization and trade liberalization,” Ning remarked.

He continued, “We will always be committed to innovation-driven development. Specifically we will actively seek innovation in R&D, manufacturing, technology, management and business modes, increase input into independent and collaborative innovation, and work with partners to build up the strength and core competitiveness of the company and even the whole industry and improve our business performance. We will seize opportunities presented by opening-up and the Belt and Road Initiative, and strive to grow into a competitive world-class enterprise as soon as possible and contribute more to the formation of the community of shared future for mankind.”

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