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ChemChina’s Six Enterprises Give Support to Zhuhai Airshow’s “Circle of Friends”
Source: ChemChina Date: 2018-11-07

On November 6, the 12th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition opened in Zhuhai. ChemChina's six enterprises participated in the exhibition, giving full support to the “circle of friends” of the airshow.

As a behind-the-scenes hero in the aviation & aerospace industry, ChemChina has developed its robust technologies in the field of new chemical materials to support a variety of important chemical products and components for Shenzhou series spacecraft, Tiangong system engineering, Chang’e lunar exploration satellite, new-type carrier rocket, and China's three “big plane projects,” which has promoted the development of related industries, such as national defense industry, and science and technology. ChemChina’s companies such as Bluestar Chengrand Institute, Northwest Rubber & Plastics Institute, Liming Institute, Zhuzhou Institute, Shuguang Institute, and Shenyang Rubber & Plastics Institute, appeared at this exhibition, showcasing their strength in different areas and winning applause from new and old customers.

Bluestar Chengrand Institute displayed PBO fiber, aramid fiber, a series of silicone rubber products, and space-grade silicone materials. Aramid fiber can be used as a multi-purpose composite material integrating bulletproof, structuring, and stealth functions. Northwest Rubber & Plastics Institute as China's only supporting enterprise for C919 rubber seals has provided most of the doors, movable wings, and outer wing box with rubber seals to make the C919 tighter. As a well-established star in the propellant raw materials industry, Liming Institute has provided propellant raw materials for many national key projects ranging from China’s first man-made Earth satellite in 1970 to the Shenzhou series of spacecraft. Zhuzhou Institute's exploration balloon can be said to be a weather forecaster for all kinds of aircraft, sending weather data such as air temperature, air pressure, relative humidity, wind direction, and wind speed at different altitudes to the ground in time to protect flight safety. Shuguang Rubber Industry Research & Design Institute showcased aircraft tires for MiG-29, Su - 30, and IL-76 fighters and CH and Wing Loong series UAV, as well as two protective clothing against electromagnetic radiation and nuclear radiation. At the airshow, the “20” series fighters of the Chinese air force shone brilliantly, while their tires were provided by Shuguang Rubber Industry Research & Design Institute. Shenyang Rubber & Plastics Institute showed its aircraft pipeline system, soft oil tank, and special-shaped rubber parts. These products have been used in many domestic military and civilian helicopters, and some products are also exported to foreign countries.

Zhuhai Airshow is a biennial international professional aviation & aerospace exhibition approved by the central government. It is mainly characterized by the physical display, trade talks, academic exchanges, and aerobatic flight. Since the first exhibition was held in 1996, the airshow has now developed into an international event integrating trade, professionalism, and appreciation, showcasing the development level of the world’s aviation & aerospace industry. It now becomes one of the world’s five major airshows, attracting world attention.

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