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CNAC Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Guangyuan Government
Source: ChemChina Date: 2019-04-02

On April 2, China National Agrochemical Corporation (CNAC) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the People's Government of Guangyuan. According to the agreement, the two sides will focus on building a regional full industrial chain of modern ecological agriculture, draw on each other's strengths, achieve win-win results, integrate CNAC's brand, technology and funds intensively with Guangyuan's “6+7” agricultural system and seven types of distinctive agricultural products, give high priority to integrated development of agricultural products such as kiwi fruit, mountain vegetable and field crops, and further deepen cooperation in terms of promotion of advanced agricultural technologies, construction of modern agricultural parks, and smart agricultural development. The agreement was signed by Zou Zijing, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Guangyuan, and Chen Hongbo, Party Secretary and Chairman of CNAC. The signing ceremony was presided over by Yang Hao, Vice Mayor of Guangyuan.

Zou said that Guangyuan is the first city of Sichuan to sign a strategic cooperation agreement with an agriculture-related company of ChemChina, and the cooperation will inject new vitality for Guangyuan to promote high-quality development of its agriculture and rural areas, and inject new impetus for Guangyuan to secure a decisive victory in turning itself from a city with contiguous poor area to achieving the goal of build a moderately prosperous society. He hoped CNAC to give full play to its resource advantages, carry out deep and multi-level cooperation with Guangyua in different fields, intensify efforts to support specialty industries and intelligent agriculture, and strengthen prevention and treatment of animal and plant epidemic diseases, especially the canker of kiwi fruit. He said that the government of Guangyuan attaches great importance to the cooperation, urged all departments and counties and districts to provide appropriate coordinating services so as to implement the agreements and achieve win-win results. 

Chen said that CNAC will continue to mobilize the agricultural resources in the SAS system and cooperate with leading local companies including Guangyuan Zibo Group to develop an agricultural supply chain management system. He said that CNAC will give support to Guangyuan' three pillar industries of red kiwi fruit, mountain open-field vegetable throughout the chain of "product, technology, sale and management”, help upgrade the agricultural industry chain, and set an example for interactive collaborations between central enterprises and local SOEs and making joint efforts to carry out the rural vitalization strategy.

CNAC responds actively to the rural vitalization strategy of the Party and the State Council and carries out the strategic cooperation agreement signed in 2018 between ChemChina and government of Sichuan Province. It has made field surveys in a number of cities including Guangyuan, planned to cooperate with local governments to develop a basic ecological environment for agricultural development in areas with favorable conditions, so as to explore how to upgrade agriculture via a new business model.

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