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BRDI Makes Contributions to the World’s Longest Double-deck Suspension Bridge
Source: ChemChina Date: 2019-04-24

Recently, as constructors of Beijing Research & Design Institute of Rubber Industry wrapped and vulcanized the last main cable, the protective works of the main stay cable of Wuhan Yangsigang Yangtze River Bridge has been completely finished, indicating that an initial victory has been secured in the construction of the world's largest double-deck suspension bridge in which BRDI takes part in.

Corrosion prevention for the outer layer of stay cable is an important part of the construction of suspension bridge. As an important part of main cable of bridge, Tedlar tape is wrapped around the surface of the main cable of suspension bridge for dehumidification and corrosion prevention. BRDI, as a pioneer in research and development of China's rubber industry, has developed new-type long-life Tedlar tape made of special compound rubber elastomer for bridge stay cable. With very high cost performance, Tedlar tape can extend the service life of main cable and reduce the maintenance costs. For this, it has won the favor of China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group. As a new comer in the field of bridge construction, BRDI has eventually won the project.

The packaged technology of main cable Tedlar tape independently developed by BRDI has reached a world-class level. With various specifications and models, the product can meet the requirements of various suspension bridge main cables. It is applicable to suspension bridge main cables with different diameters and has excellent elastic adaptability.

Wuhan Yangsigang Yangtze River Bridge is a twin-tower double-deck anchor-type steel girder highway suspension bridge, the first double-deck bridge over the Yangtze River and the world’s longest double-deck highway suspension bridge. Located between the Baishazhou Bridge and Yingwuzhou Bridge, Wuhan Yangsigang Yangtze River Bridge is 4.13km long, with the upper deck designed as a two-way city expressway with six lanes, and the lower deck as a two-way urban main road with six lanes. There are non-motorized vehicle lanes and pedestrian sightseeing passageways at the both sides of the upper deck and the lower deck. The construction of the major structure of the bridge and the protective system of the main cable has been completed, the pavement of the bridge floor is under the way, and the bridge is expected to open to traffic on September 28.

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