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Tianhua Institute localize core equipment for hydrogen plant
Source: ChemChina Date: 2020-07-14

The 100,000 Nm3/h steam generator (waste heat boiler) designed and supplied by Tianhua Institute for Sinopec Tianjin was installed successfully recently. The steam generator is the key part of the hydrogen production unit, the largest one in its kind designed domestically.

Tianhua Institute organized a special waste heat boiler working group to carry out scheme design and technical research, and successfully signed the project in the subsequent fierce international bidding competition in May, 2019.

In order to meet the requirements on the tight schedule of customer, the departments of Tianhua Institute related to design, procurement and manufacturing cooperated efficiently with each other. The employees of the production base of Tianhua Institute were always on standby, shortening the manufacturing cycle from eight months to six months. In March, in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, the project team managed to deliver the equipment on time.

The successful delivery of the equipment will further advance the localization of complete set of hydrogen production unit, develop a complete set of heat recovery equipment and technologies focusing on thin tube-sheet steam generator. The equipment has a broad market prospect and is of great significance to the development of China’s hydrogen production industry.

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