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Ning Gaoning Met with Yi Lianhong and Visited Jiangxi Xinghuo Silicones
Source: ChemChina Date: 2021-04-29

To vigorously promote the high-quality development of the subsidiaries of ChemChina and Sinochem in Jiangxi Province and further deepen the central-local cooperation, Ning Gaoning, Party Secretary and Chairman of Sinochem, Party Secretary and Chairman of ChemChina, visited Yi Lianhong, Deputy Secretary of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and Governor of Jiangxi Province, in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province from April 27 to 28. During this period, he also went to Jiujiang City to visit Jiangxi Bluestar Xinghuo Silicones Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xinghuo Silicones") for inspection and instruction, and attended the Commencement Ceremony of the New 200 kt/a Silicone Monomer and Supporting Plants of Xinghuo Silicones (also known as the "Phoenix Project").

On April 27, Ning Gaoning met with Yi Lianhong, Deputy Secretary of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and Governor of Jiangxi Province, in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. The two sides had in-depth exchanges on further deepening all-round cooperation and jointly building a new mode of central-local cooperation.


Yi Lianhong welcomed the visit of Ning Gaoning and his party, and thanked Sinochem and ChemChina for their long-term support for Jiangxi's development. He said that in recent years, Jiangxi has thoroughly implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech on inspecting Jiangxi, focused on the goal of "making a demonstration and striving to be the first" and the important requirements of "five-promote", and achieved remarkable results in coordinating epidemic prevention and control as well as the economic and social development. Sinochem and ChemChina are the industry leaders of the world's top 500. The joint reorganization of Sinochem and ChemChina is a major strategic measure that will significantly enhance the core competitiveness of China's related industries. He pointed out that Jiangxi is the common hinterland of China's most dynamic economic regions, such as the zones of Yangtze River, Zhujiang Delta & Minjiang Delta, with obvious location advantages, profound cultural heritage and beautiful ecological environment, and is at a critical stage of accumulation, climbing, transformation and upgrading. Over the years, Sinochem and ChemChina have cultivated a number of major projects with high technology content in Jiangxi Province, which have made positive contributions to the economic and social development of Jiangxi Province. It is hoped that the new company after restructuring will further support the development of Jiangxi Province, increase investment in Jiangxi Province and layout in Jiangxi Province, so as to boost the high-quality leap forward development of Jiangxi Province. At the same time, Jiangxi will create better conditions for the development of the new company in Jiangxi, provide better services, and promote mutual benefit and common development.


Ning Gaoning first expressed his gratitude to Jiangxi Province for its support and help to Sinochem and ChemChina. He said that the two companies have been rooted in Jiangxi for many years, and have maintained a good and extensive cooperative relationship with Jiangxi for a long time. In particular, a number of major projects represented by Xinghuo Silicones have made continuous breakthroughs, which have played a very good role in promoting the self-development of enterprises, industrial transformation and upgrading, and local economic and social development. He pointed out that at present, the two companies are carrying out joint restructuring. After the restructuring, the new company will deeply implement the innovation-driven development strategy, and strive to build "a world-class comprehensive chemical enterprise led by life science and materials science, supported by the basic chemical industry, guaranteed by environmental science, and driven by science and technology", to make every effort to improve its innovation ability and industrial status in the fields of energy, chemical industry and agriculture. On this basis, the new company will closely integrate the enterprise development strategy with the key development industries of Jiangxi Province during the 14th Five-Year Plan, accelerate the investment and construction progress of major projects such as the Phoenix Project of Xinghuo Silicones, deepen the pragmatic cooperation between the two sides in modern agriculture, urban operation, energy security, industrial finance and other fields, and make new and greater contributions to the high-quality leap-forward development of Jiangxi Province during the 14th Five-Year Plan.

Ren Zhufeng, Vice Governor of Jiangxi Province, Yang Shihao, Party Member and Deputy General Manager of Sinochem, Yang Xingqiang, Deputy Party Secretary and General Manager of ChemChina, and Li Congrui, President of China Jinmao, attended the meeting.

On April 28, Ning Gaoning went to Jiujiang City to visit Xinghuo Silicones for comprehensive inspection and instruction of its production and operation, technological R&D, innovation and development, and HSE. In addition, he also visited and encouraged the front-line managers and employees, and attend the commencement ceremony of the Phoenix Project.




Ning Gaoning first came to the exhibition hall of Xinghuo Silicones Technology Park, focusing on the development history, technical ability and development planning of Xinghuo Silicones, he had a comprehensive understanding of the product's application of Xinghuo Silicones in construction, new energy, medical and health care, electricity, solar energy and other fields as well as the construction of the intelligent chemical plant. After visiting the exhibition hall, he wrote the inscription "Xinghuo Silicones Launching as a Phoenix".


Later, Ning Gaoning came to the site of the commencement ceremony of the Phoenix Project to attend the ceremony together with Yin Meigen, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Jiangxi Provincial Committee and Executive Vice Governor, and delivered an enthusiastic speech.



Ning Gaoning said in his speech that he had many different feelings during this visit to Xinghuo Silicones in Jiangxi.

For the first "different", since its establishment in 1968, Xinghuo Silicones has gone through 53 years of tortuous, magnificent, and impressive development. Xinghuo Silicones has developed into a leading enterprise in the world after several setbacks. It is mainly due to our strong spirit of continuous inheritance, innovation and self-improvement and our strong desire for development, which is very valuable.

For the second "different", through the meeting with the Governor and other provincial leaders as well as the report and communication in these two days, we can see that Jiangxi Province has shown great support and determination for the development of Xinghuo Silicones, great enthusiasm and high attention for supporting the investment and development of "ChemChina and Sinochem" in Jiangxi, which has brought great help to the healthy and sustainable development of Xinghuo Silicones and other enterprises in Jiangxi. We are deeply grateful for this.

For the third "difference", the mental attitude, enthusiasm and confidence in the subsidiary, pride in their careers, and innovative desire and expectation for future development of Xinghuo Silicones employees have all exceeded my expectations. This kind of "spirit" has very strong vitality and is the inexhaustible driving force for the development of our subsidiaries. We also have the responsibility to make every employee have better development.

For the fourth "difference", at present, the "ChemChina and Sinochem" are undergoing joint restructuring, and the new company will continue to accelerate its development on all fronts and at all levels, aiming to build itself into a world-class comprehensive chemical enterprise driven by innovation, leading in technology, and continue filling the gaps in the industry and industrial chain in the chemical industry, especially in the high-end new material industry. Under such a strategic background, the development of Xinghuo Silicones and the Project commenced today are more meaningful. We should not only build and develop the Project and company well, but also constantly promote the innovation and development of the silicone industry and other industries it radiates and drives, constantly realizing the breakthrough development of the whole industrial park or even in a larger scope, and constantly achieving all-round leadership in terms of scale, technology, application, etc. We will give more comprehensive support to Xinghuo Silicones, hoping that the Company can develop better and achieve more excellent results, living up to the effort of the predecessors who founded the Company 53 years ago, the expectations of the society and the contributions made by the employees.


Finally, Ning Gaoning came to the production area of Xinghuo Silicones to focus on the inspection and instruction of the upstream and downstream production plants, automatic filling, automatic packaging and other production and operation links, as well as the construction of the intelligent plant. During the inspection and instruction, Ning Gaoning stopped to inquire and give comments and guidance from time to time, and encouraged the subsidiaries to focus on market demand and benchmark international advanced level, especially to strengthen the ability of technological originality and the level of leading technological research.


After listening to the work report of Xinghuo Silicones, Ning Gaoning first mentioned several aspects that impressed him deeply about the company, including the R&D and innovation, safety culture, team training and culture, improving the ability through continuous benchmarking, continuous pursuit of expanding market share and rate of return, deep understanding of competitiveness, long-term planning for the future and the organic integration of Chinese-Western working and thinking mode. The new project will continue to increase the scale and industry-leading position of Xinghuo Silicones, and provide a greater strategic impetus for the development of the company.


Ning Gaoning said that after the joint restructuring of ChemChina and Sinochem, silicone will be an important industrial field, and the value of Xinghuo Silicones will be greater. At the same time, it will face heavier development tasks and higher requirements. From this point of view, Xinghuo Silicones should not only make the silicone industry bigger and better according to the plan, but also be based on the overall strategic layout and the premise of building a world-class comprehensive chemical enterprise with advanced technology to combine with the cooperation of the upstream and downstream industrial chains of the two companies, continuously deepen the reform and enhance the technological leadership and market competitiveness.


Ning Gaoning pointed out that after the joint restructuring of ChemChina and Sinochem, he especially hopes to achieve coordinated development, including the coordination of upstream and downstream industrial chains, the mutual support between different industrial chains, and so on. The development of each subsidiary should be considered in the development ideas and perspectives of the whole new company. Subsidiaries should not only do a good job in the part of their own industrial chain, but also strengthen the cooperation from the perspective of the whole group, so as to make the whole industrial chain bigger and stronger and control the key links. Based on this, we will provide more support and development space for Xinghuo Silicones. On the basis of focusing on technology, R&D, process level and high-quality development, it is hoped that Xinghuo Silicones will continue to take the development road of green, safe and digital industrial park, make a good combination of upstream and downstream industrial chains, promote the continuous extension of products to the consumer end. Moreover, it should have more brand value to provide better products and services for customers through the industrial chain collaboration.

Yang Shihao, Party Member and Deputy General Manager of Sinochem, and Yang Xingqiang, Deputy Party Secretary and General Manager of ChemChina, attended the above activities.

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