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Adisseo Launches One-Million-Euro Research Fund Program
Source: China National Chemical Corpor Date: 2021-07-11

Bluestar Adisseo recently decided to inject one million euros to launch a new round of R&D funding. Within the next three years, the company will solicit two to three innovative projects across the world to solve the most pressing issues in the aquaculture industry. These issues may include the use of new feeds to ease resource pressures, reducing the use of antibiotics, lowering of neonatal mortality rates in animals through higher levels of nutrition, adaptation to global warming, as well as lowering the environmental footprint of livestock in areas such as water consumption and nitrogen/phosphorus emissions. This year, the company will first solicit research proposals related to poultry and swine nutrition. The scope of research will be extended to other species in the future. A scientific committee consisting of five professors and ten representatives from the animal feed industry will be responsible for project solicitation and selection.

As one of the world’s leading companies in animal nutrition and health, Bluestar Adisseo has been a steadfast supporter of scientific research and innovation in animal feed. The company has collaborated with world-class research institutes and universities, such as France’s National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment , the University of Arkansas, and the University of Illinois, in research projects to improve animal health and performance, as well as the utilization of feed, promoting the sustainable development of animal husbandry. The Rhodimet® Global Research Fund  established by Bluestar Adisseo focuses on researching the additional benefits of sulfur-containing amino acids. The program has led to remarkable R&D achievements and consolidated Bluestar Adisseo’s leading position in the methionine industry.

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