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Syngenta Group Wins International Award for New Audio Branding
Source: China National Chemical Corpor Date: 2021-08-24

Four notes. Four seasons, each with its own musical theme.

Syngenta Group has won a prestigious international Red Dot award for the musical elements the company has developed for its global brand identity. 

The award was in the Sound Design category of the Red Dot organization’s “2021 Brands & Communication Design” competition. The musical motifs will soon be incorporated into all Syngenta Group multimedia materials. 

“In record time we built a new brand, “ said Christoph Sieder, Chief Communications Officer of Syngenta Group. “This is amazing work. I am proud about the team and kudos to everyone who contributed to the success of this project.”

“This is the next big step in our global brand identity,” said Sven Fritzsche, the company’s head of Brand, Partnerships and Digital, who led the project. “To really give the full experience, you need to engage all the senses. We’ve now added sound.”

There are two main elements to the new audio branding: A four-note signature theme, as well as a four-part suite of music representing each of the four seasons in the year-round agricultural cycle. The four-note signature – an ascending leitmotif — also corresponds to the four leaves in the company’s logo. 

Syngenta Group’s winning entry included the musical pieces, as well as a video that presents the entire package and explains its intent. “Our sound identity conveys the harmony across Syngenta Group,’’ the video voice-over says, “with the story of growth, nature and a better, healthier planet at its heart.” 

“The fact that you managed to stand out in such a strong and international field of competitors and impress the experts is proof of your design skill,” said Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, the founder and CEO of Red Dot. “Your award-winning project is outstanding.”

The music reflects Syngenta Group’s identity as an international agricultural technology leader and innovator. In addition to sounds from nature, it incorporates an acoustic guitar and a Chinese erhu to evoke global collaboration, as well as a synthesizer that conveys the Group’s strong focus on technological innovation. 

Syngenta’s Fritzsche said it was crucial to incorporate a Chinese element into the audio branding, given China’s importance as one of the key markets. The Syngenta Group China team as well as other teams around the globe collaborated closely on the project, he said.

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