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Sinochem Holdings Is Now on Facebook and Twitter
Source: China National Chemical Corpor Date: 2021-09-28

On September 20th, Sinochem Holdings Corporation Ltd. (“Sinochem Holdings”) created its official accounts on Facebook and Twitter, and posted its first Tweet.

The accounts are to introduce Sinochem Holdings’ products and services to global stakeholders and share updates on the company’s production and operation, innovation and R&D, and market development. Meanwhile, the company is open to suggestions and opinions from all parties, seeking more opportunities for win-win cooperation.

As the world’s leading chemical conglomerate, Sinochem Holdings covers eight major fields: life science, materials science, basic chemicals, environmental science, rubber and tire, machinery and equipment, city operation, and industrial finance. The company has set up production bases and R&D facilities in over 150 countries and regions worldwide with a full-fledged marketing network.

Welcome to visit our pages on Facebook@SinochemNews  and Twitter@SinochemNews.

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