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Qenos Attends Rotomould Conference
Source: ChemChina Date: 2017-07-07

Recently, Qenos attended 2017 Rotomould Conference and sponsored the luncheon at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

2017 Rotomould Conference was initiated by the Association of Rotational Moulders Australasia (ARMA) and has a history of over 40 years. It provides those who engage in the rotational moulders industry of Australia with a platform of commercial trade, information collection and technical communications.

Qenos sponsored the luncheon held at the MCG and provided the attendees with delicate foods and a wonderful dining environment. Garry Whitehand, a senior technical specialist of Qenos, made a speech at the luncheon, introducing Qenos’ ALKATUFF® linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) products and resolutions. The product has high environmental tolerance and stability and can be widely used for making water channel, buoy, road block and ship.

 Garry Whitehand noted that Qenos has been attaching great importance to developing the relationship with its customers and partners, while being committed to improving the quality and performance of its products.

At the luncheon, Kevin Sheedy, the former chief coach of a famous rugby team of Australia, was invited to talk with the attendees. The luncheon was held in a lively atmosphere, building closer ties between Qenos and its customers, enhancing Qenos’ influence in the industry of rotational moulders and further promoting Qenos’ cooperation with its partners in the future.

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