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Shenyang Chemical Metallocene Polyethylene Project Wins Governmental Financial Support
Source: ChemChina Date: 2017-07-07

Recently, the kick-off meeting of the “Double-hundred Project” for scientific and technological innovation of Shenyang was held. At the meeting, the “metallocene polyethylene technical transformation project” of Shenyang Chemical Co., Ltd. became one of the 100 projects for commercialization of major research findings of the city and gained governmental financial support with an amount of more than RMB1 million.

The “Double-hundred Project” of Shenyang consists of 100 key R&D projects and 100 key projects for commercialization of research findings, featuring strict inclusion criteria, high R&D investment, good innovation benefits, extensive coordination for innovation and high level of teamwork. It aims to pool the resources, make breakthroughs in key technologies and commercialize a number of results of key scientific and technological innovations.

Shenyang Chemical has started its industrialized production of world-class HPR, breaking monopoly of overseas products and filling the gap of China in this regard. As a high-end product in the polyethylene industry, metallocene has advantages of better mechanical property and tear resistance, high heat sealing strength and wide heat sealing temperature range, etc. Since its launch in the market, metallocene has increasingly gained popularity amongst downstream customers and become an essential product in the high-end polyethylene market. Meanwhile, Shenyang Chemical is China's first company that has introduced the VPR technology, and by which it has got a head start in the market and become one of top-notch players in the industry. The super-performance metallocene technical transformation project is expected to further improve the performance of metallocene polyethylene products and enhance their market competitiveness.

In January this year, the Science and Technology Bureau of Shenyang visited Shenyang Chemical and considered that the super-performance metallocene polyethylene transformation project is of strategic significance and an application can be made for inclusion into the project of commercialization of key research findings. According to the requirements of the Science & Technology Bureau of Shenyang, Shenyang Chemical Center for Continuous Improvement collected, sorted out and submitted test data, production data and materials related to super performance metallocene since the first production scheduling in 2014, and analyzed super performance metallocene polyethylene products in terms of price advantage, market application scope, market acceptance, development tendency, processing costs and performance-price comparison similar products. The project has been highly recognized by the Science and Technology Bureau of Shenyang for its solid basic work and bright prospect.

The successful inclusion in the “Double-hundred Project” indicates that the local government recognizes the work performance of Shenyang Chemical in terms of scientific and technological innovation and the company’s work related to scientific and technological innovation has entered a period of rapid development. Shenyang Chemical will take the Continuous Improvement Center as the core, gear up the implementation of the project, complete technical transformation with high quality and on schedule, so as to make further progress in scientific and technological innovations of the company.

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