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Beijing Bluestar Cleaning Launches “Chexile” Brand
Source: ChemChina Date: 2017-07-21

Recently, Beijing Bluestar’s auto product dealers from North China, Northeast China, East China and Southwest China gathered in Chengdu to hold the annual Bluestar auto product dealer summit, which has deepened the communication between Bluestar and its dealers, provided dealers with a platform for communicating with and learning from each other, and enhanced their cohesiveness and strengthened their bonds of attachment and affection.

At the summit, the participants analyzed the present macroeconomic environment and the auto product market situation and put forward the goal and vision of Bluestar's auto product business development. On the basis of the distribution and market of Beijing Bluestar Cleaning’s auto products in the previous year, relevant personnel made summary reports and plans on the key tasks in the next year and highlighted the multi-product-line brand development strategy. Meanwhile, the company launched Chexile glass cleaner, a sub-brand product of Bluestar, so as to attract middle- and low-end consumers though it major product Bluestar glass cleaner took a leading position in China's middle and high-end glass cleaner markets. As China proposes its “Belt & Road” initiative, Chinese brands have once again become the focus of the world’s attention. Bluestar strives to develop famous auto products through constant independent innovation.

The awards including “Annual Award for Excellent Dealers”, “Award for Partners that Have Cooperated with Bluestar for Ten Consecutive Years” and “Award for Golden Dealers” were given at the dealer summit. Representatives of excellent dealers told stories about how they built a good relationship with Bluestar and shared their operation principles on and experience in the auto product market, producing strong resonance amongst other dealers and enhancing their trust on the brand of Bluestar.

In the first half of 2017, Beijing Bluestar Cleaning saw a significant year-on-year growth of its sales volume of fine chemicals, especially, its sales volume of auto products grew by 68% on a year-on-year basis. The dealer summit drove and energized the development of the company and laid a solid foundation for the company to fulfill its performance goal for the whole year.

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