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Tianhua Institute''s Major Science and Technology Project Accepted
Source: ChemChina Date: 2017-08-02

On July 29, the project of “Complete Technologies and Equipment for Harmless and Closed Sludge Treatment” undertaken by Tianhua Institute of Chemical Machinery & Automation (Tianhua Institute), a subsidiary of China National Chemical Equipment Corporation (CNCE), was accepted by of the Science and Technology Department of Gansu Province.

As one of Gansu’s major science & technology projects undertaken by Tianhua Institute for the year of 2015, this project aims to minimize and stabilize sludge, and make it harmless. It has successfully developed the sludge drying closed recirculation technology, realized zero release and energy cyclic utilization of sludge drying and realized engineering applications. Meanwhile, the project has introduced the technologies for sludge drying exhaust closed recirculation and condensation recovery and deodorization, developed complete equipment for harmless and closed sludge treatment and realized comprehensive utilization of heat of vapor condensate and cyclic unitization of wastewater.

The project has technical advantages of energy conservation, environmental protection and low energy consumption, and its products have been used in several sludge treatment projects in China. With obvious economic and social effects, the products can be widely used in sludge drying projects in dyeing & finishing, municipal administration, herb residue and petrochemical industries. In the sludge treatment project of Yantai Runda Waste Disposal Co., Ltd., the products have been used for industrial application and the sludge treatment capacity has reached 150,000 ton per year. During the period of implementation of the project, Tianhua Institute has acquired seven patents including four invention patents, developed one company standard and trained one graduate student.

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