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YRPM and Fraunhofer IPA Ink Agreement on Cooperation in Industrial 4.0
Source: ChemChina Date: 2017-08-16

On August 15, the signing ceremony for Industrial 4.0 strategic cooperation between Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery Group Co, Ltd. (YRPM) and Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (hereinafter referred to as IPA) and kick-off meeting for the construction of the digital manufacturing base of smart rubber & plastics machinery was held successfully in Yiyang. YRPM Executive Deputy General Manager Yao Hongjian and IPA Robot and Smart Manufacturing Business Division Head Mike signed the agreement on behalf of the two sides.

After nearly half a century's development, YRPM has become China’s first rubber & plastics machinery manufacturer. CNCE decided to launch the project according to the strategic deployment of Yiyang city for its central urban area, aiming to break the bottleneck of the development of YRPM, enhance its product manufacturing level and realize coordination with the German Industrial 4.0 Strategy.

The project is planned to be built at the junction between the Yuxingshan Road of the industrial park in the east of Yiyang and the intercity trunk, covering an area of 258 mu and with a planned total investment of RMB500 million. On the basis of integrating the existing resources of YRPM’s Huilongshan factory area and the effective resources of the Chaoyang Industrial Park factory area, the project is expected to fully enhance the manufacturing capability by introducing key digital equipments, processes and digital management system and meet the requirements for digital manufacturing of smart rubber and plastics machinery. The design plan on the digital factory of the project will be undertaken by IPA.

As the largest application-oriented research organization in Europe, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft ranks amongst the top three innovative government research institutions in the world. It has 69 research institutes and independent research institutes, more than 20,000 outstanding scientific researchers and engineers, and a budget of about 2.1 billion Euros. As one of the largest research institutes of Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and an important participant to the German Industrial 4.0 Strategy, IPA boasts state-of-the-art technologies in the fields of smart factory solution.

At present, YRPM is sparing no efforts to push forward the project, work to secure multi-dimensional and multi-level integration with the Extrusion Division of KraussMaffei, so as to realize product structural adjustment, corporate transformation and upgrading and sustainable development.

YRPM will fully take the opportunity of its cooperation with IPA, accelerate its integration with KraussMaffei, speed up the construction of the smart digital rubber & plastics machinery at the hi-tech zone of Yiyang, so as to complete the digital base and put it into operation as early as possible, keep enhancing the capabilities of scientific & technological innovation and smart manufacturing and the level of international operations, and make a second leap.

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