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Anode Protection Sulfuric Acid Cooler with the World’s Largest Single-unit Heat Transfer Area
Source: China National Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.(CNCE) Date: 2017-10-10

On September 27, 2017, developed by Tianhua Institute, concentrated sulfuric acid cooler with the world’s largest single-unit heat transfer area successfully made debut. A grand inauguration ceremony was held for this product.

Setting A New Record with the World’s Largest Single-unit Heat Transfer Area  

It is reported that Anode Protection Sulfuric Acid Cooler, manufactured by Tianhua Institute, has heat transfer area of ​,​2545m2 and breaks the world record of 2,043m2 (also the world’s largest heat transfer area record set by Tianhua Institute in 2010). This once again sets a new industry record, and ranks No.1 in the global industry.

The self-developed Anode Protection Shell-Type Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Cooler was originated in 1982. By the end of 1984, Tianhua Institute successfully produced China’s first prototype, which passed technical evaluation by the former Ministry of Chemical Technology in 1986, and technologically filled the domestic gap in this field. In 1987, Tianhua Institute and Henan Sanmenxia Gold Smelter signed China’s first anode protection supply contract. The independently-developed four anode protection devices started to be put into use in 1989, and witnessed continuous, normal and safe operation for 26 years. Since then, Tianhua Institute  always maintains absolute dominance with the largest market share in the anode protection equipment market.

Rising Abruptly on the Basis of Accumulated Strength, and Upholding Innovation-Driven Leadership along Industry Development Path

In 2000 and 2005, Tianhua Institute successively undertook two special projects assigned by Ministry of Science and Technology: “Anode Protection Sulfuric Acid Heat Exchanger of Large-Scale Sulfuric Acid Device” and “Research and Development of Pipe-type Acid Distribution Device in Static-Pressure Tank”. In view of the large scale and high temperature absorption process conditions of sulfuric acid device, Tianhua Institute developed high-temperature large-scale anode sulfuric acid cooler earmarked for sulfuric acid making with annual output of 600,000-800,000 tons or smelting flue gas acid making with annual output of 600,000 tons. At that time, Tianhua Institute basically designed and manufactured all acid-making devices with annual output of over 600,000 tons across China, which always run smoothly.

Making breakthroughs with Pioneering Spirit, and Continuously Setting New Records at Industry Level

In 2006, Tianhua Institute and Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd. signed a contract for 1630m2 dry acid cooler. In 2010, Tianhua Institute and Daye Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. signed a contract for 2043m2 dry acid cooler. In 2017, Tianhua Institute and Shuangdun Environment Technology Co., Ltd. signed a contract for 2545m2 dry acid cooler. Up to now, nine anode protection coolers with single area of more than 1,600m2, which are equipped in worldwide sulfuric acid production enterprises, are all designed and manufactured by Tianhua Institute.

There Is No Finishing Line, and Exploration Will Continue

With outlook on connectivity, Tianhua Institute explores and introduces “Internet+ Service” into remote monitoring, early warning and diagnostic system. Research and development for remote monitoring system and acid leakage alarm system with independent intellectual property rights help anode protection products go “smart”. Research and development of “High-temperature-resistance concentrated sulfuric Acid CMS Alloy Anode Protection Product Series” successfully solves corrosion problems of high-temperature concentrated sulfuric acid equipment, which enjoys users’ unanimous praise after successful application in the market. Along the industry-driven and self-breakthrough road, continuous exploration of Tianhua Institute in the field of anode protection and heat transfer technology makes positive contribution to sustained and sound development of sulfuric acid industry. At present, Tianhua Institute is continuously exploring for he whole product chain closed-loop operation and seamless convergence to cover customized design, procurement, manufacturing and sale of anode protection equipment, as well as after-sales remote monitoring, early warning and maintenance, which will ultimately profoundly integrate informatization and automation, with a view to achieving production intelligentization, marketing precision and service networking and unveiling “Smart Tianhua” in true sense.


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