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Bank-Corporate Direct Linkage System Launched for Daqing Zhonglan
Source: ChemChina Date: 2017-10-19

On October 18, the bank-corporate direct linkage system for Daqing Zhonglan Petrochemical Co., Ltd. was up and running, with self-service terminals put into service.

After the system is put into operation, customers can complete the business of vouching, card-making and payment on a self-service terminal in the sales hall when they come to the factory for truck-loading. Therefore, they don’t have to go to the window to deal relevant business, which reduces the queuing time, makes the loading even more convenient, lightens the workload of sales person, and substantially enhances the work efficiency.

The bank-corporate direct linkage system turns Daqing Zhonglan into the first petrochemical enterprise in Northeast China in using smart "card management" to allow customers to enter and exit a handling yard. The upgrade of sales mode has improved customer experience and brought about positive impacts on the sales.

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