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Elkem Xinghuo Silicone Digitalization Initiate the "New Ecology" of Brand Marketing
Source: China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd. Date: 2020-11-11

Facing the impact of the epidemic toward the global silicones market, Elkem Xinghuo Silicone, adhering to the marketing concept and the call of Bluestar, actively embraces the reform and innovation of digitization, follows hot spots to make the marketing, builds in-depth interaction with customers basing on brand promotion and product sales, enhances brand exposure, promotes marketing strategy upgrading, and initiates a "new ecology" of brand marketing.

In July, Elkem Xinghuo Silicone used Tik Tok to perform a themed activity of "I am a master and make a friend", taking Xinghuo Silicon brand story and glue technology competition as a hot topic, to drive the dealers and users all over the country to carry out the creation of Xinghuo Silicone sealant products, and to collect all kinds of opening ways of Xinghuo Silicone "glue" friends to conduct a warm interaction with the users. By the end of September, there was a total of 170 customer interaction videos, which vividly displayed on the Tik Tok account of "Starsil Silicon Architecture", and its marketing effect of innovative brands was showing.

Following the marketing strategy of tapping potential insides and exploring outsides, Elkem Xinghuo Silicone also makes full use of the advantages of all-staff marketing policy, combines with popular network platforms, to vigorously explore new business opportunities in silicone products. Currently, the "Silicone Products Creativity Competition" is under hot preparation inside the enterprise. Through the award-winning collection, the competition will take advantage of the collective wisdom of staff to continuously explore new products loved by users. With Elkem global marketing network and internal marketing atmosphere, they will quickly occupy the new market in the field of silicone products.

In the tide of digital and full-staff marketing, Elkem Xinghuo Silicone seizes the opportunity, takes advantage of the time, and performs innovative exploration constantly. In addition to adapting the popular network platform to bring the first terminal consumer products brand into thousands of households, the enterprise has also set up a Tik Tok account of "Elkem Xinghuo Silicone" (newly renamed as "Elkem Silicone Asia Pacific"), and a series of online publications such as "Xinghuo Monthly" and "Easy Shoot ". Using digital wisdom means, they continue to expand publicity positive effects, cultivates a good corporate brand image, and polish silicones business cards in real time to help to upgrade the brand marketing.

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