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GRM and YRPM Win Record Orders
Source: ChemChina Date: 2020-11-03

Good news came from Guilin Rubber Machinery (GRM) and Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery (YRPM), subsidiaries of China National Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. (CNCE). GRM’s 1360, 1640 and other classic mechanical dual-mode vulcanizers gained favor again, with an order of over 200 million yuan contracted successfully. This has been the largest single contract since GRM’s inception. YRPM and a well-known domestic tire enterprise signed an order for GE580/GE1000T super-large tandem-type internal mixer with a value of over 100 million yuan, which is the largest single contract for mixer since its establishment.

Both kinds of equipment are traditional competitive products of the two companies. Behind the big orders is their continued innovations based on customer needs.

GRM’s vulcanizers offer customers with the whole-life-cycle services

GRM has centered on customers in the tire industry, adjusted and deepened its business structure to the needs of customers, and adopted the strategy of differentiated products, customized sales, refined services and coordinated development. It has followed its philosophy of “development partners” to implement “one policy for one enterprise.” GRM not only offers its products and services but also delivers its overall solutions. It has worked with customers to discuss relevant problems in the entire process of tire production and create “one-to-one” service experience. 

  Guilin Rubber Machinery’s salesperson presents solutions to customers at Rubber Tech 2020

GRM’s overall solutions for tire manufacturing cover most aspects of intelligent tire manufacturing, including eight major sections.

  —Vulcanization solution for hydraulic dual-mode engineering tires

  —Vulcanization solution for semi-steel radial tires

  —Efficient and energy-saving hydraulic all-steel vulcanization solution

  —Vulcanization solution for mechanical single-mode engineering tires

  —Greener mechanical hydraulic vulcanization solution

  —Vulcanization solution for giant engineering radial tires

  —Molding solution for giant engineering radial tires

  —Preparation solution for semi-finished rubber tire parts

GRM can provide tire manufacturers with the whole-life-cycle services from customized design to maintenance.

The 1360 and 1640 mechanical dual-mode vulcanizers ordered by the customer feature high stability, high efficiency, and precision. They have been well used by multiple large tire manufacturers and exported to Japan, India and other countries.

According to market feedbacks and customer demands, vulcanizers will be upgraded in terms of tire loading mechanism, central mechanism, pipe system, and control system in a bid to improve the efficiency of equipment and the grade of environmental protection, reduce the maintenance workload, and further enhance the quality and stability of tires.

The order also includes equipment such as small-angle steel-cord cutting machine and 90-degree steel cord cutting machine.

YRPM’s tandem-type internal mixers with more specifications are applied in a wide range of areas

YRPM has leading technologies of tandem-type mixers, which are mainly suitable for mixing with a large amount of silica and rubber. They feature energy saving, environmental protection, high quality and high productivity.

The mixing is carried out simultaneously in the upper and lower equipment. This also means the mixing of the basic and final products at the same time. Compared to other conventional mixing technologies, each part of YRPM’s tandem-type internal mixer has been optimized, greatly reducing the mixing duration. Currently, the tandem-type internal mixer has become a featured product of YRPM, winning the applause of users.


  YRPM’s classic GE320/GE590T tandem-type internal mixer.

The successful production of the first GE320/GE590T tandem-type mixer has pushed forward the development of the industry’s production technologies. Subsequently, YRPM has developed GK90E/GE180T, GE135/GE260T, GE420/GE800T, GE580/GE1000T and other large and medium-sized tandem-type mixers.

The GE580/GE1000T ultra-large tandem-type mixers will greatly help customers to improve production efficiency, save installation space, and reduce the number of workers. Compared with traditional rubber-mixing technologies, production efficiency can be enhanced by more than 80%, energy can be saved by 20%-50%, and the production area can be reduced by 50%.

In recent years, with the development of the green tire industry and the widespread use of silica, the market has set higher bar for the rubber-mixing performance of mixers. According to the development trend of energy saving and environmental protection in the rubber-mixing industry, YRPM has embarked on the road of technological innovation, continuously improved its design and technology, and focused more efforts on processing of products and quality of general assembly. It has also optimized the pipeline layout, enhanced the quality of appearance, and made every effort to create high-quality brands so as to promote the product quality to a new level and better meet the needs of customers.

While optimizing and upgrading traditional products, YRPM has actively developed new products to meet the needs of the market. By introducing technologies and making innovations, YRPM has developed its products from 5 to 32 types, with the technology of the whole machine reaching the advanced level compared with similar products across the world. It boasts the production capacity of internal mixers ranging from the smallest specification GK1.5 to the largest GE1000T.

Regarding its tandem-type mixers, YRPM has not only conducted sales of single machine but also delivered solutions for rubber-mixing production line. YRPM has exported its products and services to 40 countries and regions such as the US, Italy, Hungary, Turkey, Thailand and India.


  Science-driven development and continuous innovation

  Creating more value for customers

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