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Elkem Silicones’ new brand showcased at China Interdye 2020 to boost new growth
Source: China National BlueStar (Group) Co, Ltd. Date: 2020-12-07

The 20th China International Dyestuff Industry, Organic Pigments and Textile Chemicals Exhibition (CHINA INTERDYE 2020) was held in Shanghai recently, at which Elkem Silicones, a well-known enterprise in textile chemicals industry, launched its new high-end brand COMFORTSILTM, showing its powerful innovation strength to the industry.

According to the textile and leather team of Elkem Silicones, COMFORTSILTM is the company’s latest special brand covering three series of products which are respectively designed for textiles, leather goods, and paper towels. When used for textiles, it makes the fabrics soft, smooth, wrinkle-resistant, hydrophilic or hydrophobic, not easy to fade and yellow. When applied to leather goods, it makes them softer, brighter and less prone to wear. When serving as paper softener, it significantly improves the softness, moisture retention and yellowing resistance of paper towels, making them feel like silk and improving their visual effect while minimizing its adverse impact on their tensile strength.

With global market influence, reliable quality and continuous innovation, Elkem Silicones strives to provide a rich product portfolio for global customers. COMFORTSILTM products of all series meet the strictest international standards. Working closely with the formulators, the company provides guidance and suggestions to customers according to the actual situation and ensures that the solutions can meet the needs of different fabrics and processes so that innovative products are created through long-term continuous R&D to meet the changing market demands. From product design, R&D, production, transportation to final delivery, the company has always been committed to green and sustainable development, helping customers to create high-quality products that meet market trends and consumer needs in the fierce industry competition.

Elkem Silicones not only boasts a matrix of hi-tech products that meet quality requirements, but also provides all-round support services based on stable upstream raw material supply and global networks. The company is driving new growth and writing a new chapter under the new pattern.

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