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Tianhua Institute Makes a Critical Technical Breakthrough in PP
Source: ChemChina Date: 2021-03-16

Recently, the 2X600,000T/A PP plant loop reactor, which was developed by Tianhua Institute for Fujian Zhongjing Petrochemical Co., Ltd. of China Soft Packaging Group, left the factory and was delivered to the owner. The successful development of the plant made a new breakthrough in localization of critical technologies in the field of PP.


Loop reactor is the core device in the BASELL PP unit. It is critical for the unit and its performance has a direct impact on the normal operation of the unit and product quality. Previously, there was no such unit of the same scale at home and abroad.

To make a technical breakthrough in the field of PP, China Soft Packaging Group, through studies and surveys, finally chose Tianhua Institute to undertake the task. Tianhua Institute has started researches on and design of loop reactor for many years and developed strong technical strength and technical reserves in terms of intensity calculation, stress analysis, modal analysis, flow field simulation, and manufacturing.

The loop reactor weighs 1,720 tons. A single tube of the loop reactor is about 55m long, consisting of 16 straight tubes and eight 180° elbows. The key materials of the loop reactor are imported from the EU. In order to ensure successful development of the unit, Tianhua Institute has set up a PP project team, formulated a detailed project plan, mobilized all of its resources, coordinated with China Special Equipment Inspection & Research Institute, other subsidiaries of CNCE and industry experts in an all-around way, and has taken targeted measures and made continuous efforts. The institute takes stringent measures in terms of reinspection of raw materials, welding technology, NDT, thermal treatment, polishing and water pressure test, and assigns each person to the process of project implementation for seamless connection. Finally, the equipment manufacturing was completed before the deadline required by the owner.


Tianhua Institute has been committed to PP equipment research, development and design, keeping up with the times, taking a lead in the technical field, and keeping a good cooperative relationship with a number of design institutes and research institutes of China. It has abundant technological reserves and rich manufacturing experience in the PP industry. In recent years, the institute has gradually expanded its product scope from drier and steamer to copolymerization reactor, acrylic vinyl butene refining unit, cyclone separator, loop reactor, polymerization reactor, purge column, and mixer, and the level of product diversification has been enhanced over time.

According to the responsible person of Tianhua Institute, the loop reactor shows the institute’s capability for manufacturing high-end and refined chemical equipment. In the future, Tianhua Institute will continue to make technological breakthroughs, keep diversifying products and services, and make greater contributions to the investment in and development of the chemical industry.

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