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A Good Beginning is Half Done
Source: ChemChina Date: 2021-03-02

In the blink of an eye, the 15th day of the first lunar month passed by. It is the last month of the first quarter in 2021. In the opening year of the 14th Five-Year Plan, how can we make a good start? Based on management improvements and customer services, we still held posts for the festival and were busy in getting off to a good start.

Keep working on Spring Festival

Helping Zhenhai Refining & Chemical supervise its base construction

Nanjing Sanfang Chemical Equipment Supervision Co., Ltd. (“Nanjing Sanfang” for short) under Tianhua Institute, undertook the main supervision task of the base construction project of Sinopec Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. (Zhenhai Refining & Chemical), covering the hydrogenation reactor of hydrocracking unit, three major units of ethylene plant, EO reactor of ethylene glycol unit, core reactor and tower of POSM unit, gasifier of POX unit, loop reactor of polypropylene unit and other key & core equipment.

In 2021, June 30 is the mid-term delivery target proposed by Zhenhai Refining & Chemical. The timely delivery of key equipment is of great significance in achieving the goal, while the Spring Festival holiday is a critical period for equipment production. To this end, Nanjing Sanfang encouraged dispatched personnel to “spend the New Year locally”, and organized resident personnel of key equipment manufacturers to work overtime, so as to supervise the manufacturing during the Spring Festival period.


Nanjing Sanfang General Manager Wang Changqing goes to the site to greet overtime supervisors


At the site of video greeting and work debriefing during the Spring Festival period

Founded in 1981, Nanjing Sanfang , formerly known as the Chemical Equipment Quality Inspection Center of the former Ministry of Chemical Industry of China, serves as a well-established supervisory company. Through nearly 40 years of development, it boasts excellent performance and good reputation in supervision, consultation, inspection, testing, physical & chemical testing and arbitration inspection of key equipment projects.

After the completion of the base project, Zhenhai Refining & Chemical will become one of the top five refining & chemical production bases in the world. Its overall refining & chemical integration scale will reach a world-class level, while its international competitiveness and anti-risk capability in the market will be significantly enhanced.

Up to now, Nanjing Sanfang had supervised the construction of the normal depressurization unit, POX unit, power center and other equipment, all of which had been delivered. It has been striving to meet the mid-term goal scheduled on June 30. Also, Nanjing Sanfang will study to assist the owner in completing the delivery rate on March 30 and extend more supervision services to satisfy the owner’s needs.

In the years to come, Nanjing Sanfang will further improve its capabilities of supervision services and technological innovations. Focusing on the original mission of ensuring the quality and safety of major equipment, it has stayed committed to guaranteeing the essential safety of petrochemical pressure vessels, localizing key & core petrochemical equipment and operating them in a normal manner.

More product orders

Serving customers based on their demand

As well-developed domestic rubber machinery enterprises, Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery and Guilin Rubber Machinery have laid a solid foundation for the R&D of technologies and products in terms of vulcanizing machines and internal mixers. In recent years, we have increased the R&D and sales of new energy-saving and eco-friendly products according to the market demand.

Since the beginning of this year, all rubber machinery enterprises have started their marketing management in an all-round way. Through on-the-spot visits to customers, they have leveraged BI and SAP platforms for data analysis and developed applicable solutions for products and technologies based on customers’ application needs. Also, they are improving their internal management, and focusing on promoting professional synergy among marketing, technology and production in a bid to enhance their overall operation and increase the effectiveness of creating value for customers.


Fu Renping (right), vice general manager of Guilin Rubber Machinery and chairman of the Labor Union, visits the front-line workers who stayed at their posts during the Spring Festival period


Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery’s technicians code tools by laser

At the beginning of the Lunar New Year, Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery signed a contract with a large Thailand-based tire factory for internal mixers, getting a good start for its new journey in 2021. So far, the 2021 amount of new orders for Guilin Rubber Machinery has scored the best result for the same period since 2017.

Commencement of work

Boosting morale for work resumption

On the first working day after the festival, Fujian Tianhua, located in Jinsha Industrial Park, Sha County, Sanming City, Fujian Province, echoed with the sound of gongs and drums and firecrackers. On the annual resumption day, the leadership team lined up at the company’s gate to greet employees to return according to tradition. A flag-raising ceremony was then held to sound the “assembly signal” for the resumption of work after the holiday.


Li Cheng, Party secretary and executive director of Fujian Tianhua, expresses new hopes for all staff members at the flag-raising ceremony

Shijiazhuang Factory 7420 has also seen its official resumption of work and production. To minimize the negative impact of the COVID-19 outbreak in the Shijiazhuang area before the holiday, the company announced that it had been in full steam regarding production and operation.

To ensure the smooth resumption, Shijiazhuang Factory 7420 has implemented its responsibility for HSE management and organized various departments to take multiple measures to guarantee its production and operation.

The Security Division organized to relevant personnel to conduct the knowledge quiz on the prevention and control of COVID-19 to raise their awareness of safety and protection.

The Property Department strictly carried out regular and routine disinfection of the office area to enhance the safety of the office environment. Guards for the office building strengthened epidemic prevention and control by conducting body temperature tests, checking health green codes, and verifying and registering information of all personnel entering the office area. By doing so, they could ensure the traceability of trips.

The Security Department and the Property Department cooperated to patrol and inspect the rental merchants who resumed work and production, spread the requirements for the epidemic prevention and control, and enhance the safety awareness.

The Production Division contacted the health examination department to conduct nucleic acid tests on over 100 employees resuming work and production and put in place the requirements for the epidemic prevention and control.


Shijiazhuang Factory 7420 is conducting nucleic acid tests among all its workers

Farther north, Shenyang Automobile Axle, located in Shenyang’s Yuhong District, Liaoning Province, was a great morale booster for all in another way.

According to the relevant provisions of the Measures for the Administration of Accreditation of High-tech Enterprises and the Guidelines for the Administration of Accreditation of High-tech Enterprises issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation, its Factory 3301 has been officially recognized as a national high-tech enterprise through strict application procedures such as enterprise application, local preliminary review, expert review and public announcement.

The person-in-charge said that, with the standard requirements of high-tech enterprises as a starting point, Shenyang Automobile Axle will focus on building a high-quality talent team, improve the ability of independent innovation, increase investment in scientific research and enterprise-based innovation, and develop more high-tech products so as to meet customers’ demand of enhance the value of services. It will further sharpen its core competitive edge by commercializing more technological outcomes.
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