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KraussMaffei Launches New All-Electric Silicone Solution for Chinese Market
Source: ChemChina Date: 2021-03-19

With the advance of technology and the increasing demand for product appearance, comprehensive performance, safety and environmental protection, silicone, especially liquid silicone, has been developing rapidly in recent years, thanks to its high transparency, durability, atoxicity, hazard-free and wide temperature range. It has been widely applied in health care, electronics, automobile, personal care and other fields, influencing all aspects of our living.

On March 18 and 19, KraussMaffei, a subsidiary of China National Chemical Equipment and a global leading manufacturer of rubber & plastics production, processing machinery and systems, held a two-day LSR Pioneers Day themed “Switch to Sustainability” at its Jiaxing integrated factory. The company launched its all-electric silicone solution for the Chinese market, and demonstrated six silicone applications on site, fully explaining the leading advantages of KraussMaffei’s customized silicone solutions in meeting the diverse application market and helping users improve quality and efficiency.


KraussMaffei LSR Pioneers! Day 2021

As a technical service partner for the rubber & plastics industry, KraussMaffei is unique in the field of liquid silicone molding thanks to its global strengths and local innovations. The all-electric silicone solution for the Chinese market is superior in terms of precision, stability, cleanliness and yield. It is equipped with its leading SilcoSet silicone technology for processing all types of silicone products.


Guests visit KraussMaffei's Injection Molding Technology Center and watch the demonstration of machines on display

At the Pioneers Day, KraussMaffei also exhibited six silicone applications including soother, sealing plug of blood-collecting tube, miner’s lamp lens, medical silicone column, smart home pulley and suction cup. In addition, SilcoSet silicone technology has a range of solutions for high-transparency LSR in challenging areas such as optical applications and clean room production. In the case of Fresnel lenses, KraussMaffei’s SilcoSet silicone technology has been applied to perfectly cope with the injection molding of low-viscosity, high-transparency liquid silicone and complete the microstructure of 3-5 microns to meet the clean room requirements and guarantee thin-walled applications to be integrated with functionality at the same magnification.


KraussMaffei’s all-electric silicone solution showcases six applications

The injection molding application of liquid silicone materials has always been required strictly. KraussMaffei’s all-electric silicone machine has provided efficient and reliable support for the silicone processing.

1. The classical frame structure is adopted to run on the top of the precise linear guide rail to guarantee the parallelism of formwork and low-energy consumption.

2. High precision and repeatability for position control during mold clamping to ensure the smooth completion of the vacuuming process.

3. Fully closed-loop control system is used to monitor and regulate each action link for higher stability.

4. The design of non-contact bar without any lubrication is ideal for clean indoor production environment.

5. The APC plus adaptive process control developed based on the independent patent can compensate the process fluctuation under the premise of considering the material characteristics to ensure the consistency of injection weight and finally realize the process of high yield.


KraussMaffei’s all-electric silicone machine

“Thanks to improved new material properties, silicone is constantly expanding into new application possibilities in the modern plastics processing. As one of the first manufacturers of processing machinery in the silicone sector, KraussMaffei has accumulated a wealth of experience on a global scale. With this all-electric silicone machine and multi-solutions innovatively developed for the Chinese market needs, KraussMaffei has set a new model in terms of precision, stability and efficiency, providing silicone users with more options while further enhancing their cost-effectiveness.” Mr. Xu Yutang, vice president of Product Owner & Planning for KraussMaffei China, said.


        In this event, KraussMaffei not only demonstrated the precise, stable and diversified customized silicone solutions through live presentation, but also joined hands with partners such as Wacker Chemie, 2KM, Bohle and Elkem to share their cutting-edge LSR technologies and innovative applications in their respective fields.

In the future, KraussMaffei will work together with its partners to further develop new technologies and applications for silicone processing and provide more expertise and value-added services to customers in China and beyond.

Also, the R&D and Technology Center for Injection Molding located in KraussMaffei’s Jiaxing integrated plant will also play its active part. With an area of 1,200 square meters, the center integrates testing, R&D and training functions. It also has a team of professional engineers who can provide support to silicone users for the development and testing of trial molding, and new products, processes and materials.
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