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GRM''s Innovative Tire Extrusion and Calendering Line Comes Off the Assembling Line Successfully
Source: ChemChina Date: 2021-04-28

GRM's first innovative double extrusion and calendering semi-steel lining extrusion line successfully came off the assembling line in late April, and will be delivered one after another after unpacking and packaging. It will be used in the production of customers' high-performance semi-steel radial tires.

The double extrusion and calendering semi-steel lining extrusion line is an innovative product of GRM, it is especially suitable for the production of semi-finished parts such as inner liner, thin rubber and seam allowance rubber of the high-performance radial tire. The line has an intelligent closed-loop distance adjustment function in the extrusion and calendering section, and the calender can realize automatic distance adjustment to ensure uniform rubber thickness. The inner liner rubber can be cold (hot) gummed. Moreover, the line has the functions of automatic and intelligent adjustment of rubber gumming and alignment. The modular customization combination provides an intelligent solution for tire production. The products of the line have the characteristics of high gumming precision, good compactness, uniform thickness and good plasticizing effect, which can effectively improve the production efficiency of the equipment and reduce the cost of products.


The picture shows that the quality inspector of GRM is carrying out the final inspection on the operation of the main machine of the double extrusion and calendering semi-steel lining extrusion line to be packed and delivered

Through years of in-depth development of the tire market, GRM has achieved remarkable results by taking customer demand as the beginning line, practicing "In Science We Trust" and assisting sales with innovation. It has formed a "roc-like" sales layout with tire curing press as the "core", all-steel giant tire building machine, extrusion line and other rubber machinery products as well as the "nanny-style" customer service as the "two wings".

GRM takes customer experience as the benchmark to upgrade its products, build up the market advantage of "quality + intelligence" curing press products, and implement a differentiation strategy to win the market through market research. In 2020, the new 1950 OTR tires guide post-type dual-mode hydraulic curing press passed the customer acceptance at one time. After that, the new 1240 guidepost type hydraulic curing press and 1600 guidepost type hydraulic curing press successively signed orders. The innovative guide post type hydraulic curing press series has become GRM's another classic product category. In addition, the new aircraft tire curing press was successfully delivered in October 2020, helping domestic customers overcome the project of "being hit in the throat"; and the new 1900 frame type dual-mode hydraulic curing press successfully came off the assembling line in December 2020. It means that GRM has global competitiveness in the field of tire curing press.

GRM invigorates with innovative thinking and broadens product upgrading channels. Other rubber machinery products other than tire curing press are gradually becoming the highlight project of GRM. Especially in the past six months, GRM has completed the technical upgrading and transformation of two all-steel giant tire building machines. After the transformation, the tire building machine has 33 national patented technologies. In addition, the small angle steel cord cutting machine and the 90 degree steel cord cutting machine also have got orders, and this time, the double extrusion and calendering semi-steel lining extrusion line has got order, came off the assembling line and been delivered. New products in the field of non tire curing press are favored frequently, providing multi category equipment support for tire customers.

GRM builds the "Internet +" powerful engine to serve customers by taking new actions to adapt to the new normal. While COVID-19 is still grim in the world and people and materials are difficult to enter and exit, the GRM still undertake the design outsourcing business of famous foreign customers and successfully complete the delivery, which has explored a new way for GRM's paid technology outsourcing service, and has also made a new breakthrough in developing the blue ocean market during the epidemic blockade. In March 2021, GRM completed the first live online acceptance of its export products, indicating that GRM has successfully implemented a full set of online marketing services such as online sales, communication and acceptance, that is, it is qualified to provide one-stop barrier-free remote service to overseas customers during the epidemic.
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