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Tianhua Institute Awarded the Model Enterprise of Equipment Localization in Oil Refining and Petroch
Source: ChemChina Date: 2021-04-28

At the recent petroleum and chemical industry conference jointly organized by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation and the Chambroad Holding Group, Tianhua Institute was awarded the title of "Model Enterprise of Equipment Localization in Oil Refining and Petrochemical Industry in 2021".


Since its establishment in 1958, Tianhua Institute has shouldered the mission of equipment localization for China's refining and petrochemical industry. With more than 60 years of hard work and innovative development, Tianhua Institute has successfully completed the domestic development and industrial application of large-scale oil refining and petrochemical plants such as M301 polypropylene powder heater, 200 kt/a PE steam pipe rotary dryer, 200 kt/a PP paddle dryer (Mitsui oil chemical process), 200 kt/a PP fluidized bed dryer (Himont process), 20 kt/a ABS air flow and fluidized bed combined drying, and 400 kt/a TA plant steam tube rotary dryer, and formed a series of domestic equipment products such as the blade dryer, steam tube rotary dryer, fluidized bed dryer, integrated rotary pressure filter (RPF) for filtration, washing and pre drying, polyolefin complete equipment, complete equipment for centrifugal drying and classification of resin particles, turbine dryer, SEBS grinder, etc., which has provided equipment products with independent intellectual property rights for China's advanced processes, optimized the technical level of petrochemical production processes and equipment with independent intellectual property rights, improved the localization rate of China's plants, saved a lot of costs for equipment introduction, installation and commissioning, eliminated technical constraints, and got rid of dependence on foreign equipment, ensuring the after-sales service and spare parts.

Moreover, the localization of some core equipment, such as steam tube dryer, rotary pressure filter, paddle dryer, anti-corrosion pipeline, waste heat boiler, organic waste gas incineration, burner, catalyst preparation and other equipment, not only promotes the development of China's industrial technology, but also enhances the international competitiveness, and has entered the international market. From the introducing, the following up to the realization of the present leading, these equipment technologies have achieved a qualitative leap and solved a number of "key" technical problems.

Those who lack independent innovation will eventually be controlled by others. General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed that the key core technology is "not from asking, not from buying, nor from begging". In the future, Tianhua Institute will, as always, practice the "In Science We Trust", keep in mind the original intention and mission, work hard, and make greater contributions to the high-end, intelligent and safe development of domestic equipment.
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