• Sui Qiong
    Supervision Department, ChemChina

    ChemChina is a central SOE with inexhaustible innovative vitality, where I have witnessed constant innovations such as developing industrial cleaning as “China’s 361st profession”, implementing mixed ownership, promoting e-business marketing, pursuing cross-border mergers and acquisitions which meet the strategies of the company, introducing professional managers, etc.

  • Zhang Tao
    Science&Technology Department, ChemChina

    Innovation is the strong driving force of China's further economic growth. Innovation not only manifests itself in scientific achievements, but also in management, branding, organization and business modes. Under the background that China advocates all-round innovation, we have the confidence that each employee of ChemChina can innovate and achieve breakthrough in their respective work post to make their share of contributions to the development of the company.

  • Lu Zhongli

    I have worked in different sectors involving quality inspection, R&D, management, etc. since I joined Grand AgroChem Co., Ltd under CRICC in 2007, which gets me gradually familiar with the operation of the company and makes me realize my own weaknesses so that I can work on them. Now I have become familiar with agricultural spray adjuvants and pesticide preparations, and also begin to have my own understandings.

  • Zhang Ting
    Bluestar International Chemical Co., Ltd.

    ChemChina, with the great mission of revitalizing China's chemical industry, has become a chemical giant thanks to years of relentless pursuit and effective operation and management. We, the young ChemChina employees, are very proud that we are standing on the shoulders of the giant and growing up together with it. Let's stay open-minded and work hard to create a bright future for the Chinese chemical industry.

  • Lei Chao
    Beijing Bluestar Cleaning Company

    Under the leadership of President Ren, ChemChina has been forging ahead with solid determination and risen rapidly to serve as the pillar of the Chinese chemical industry. As one of the tens of thousands of ChemChina members, I’m very proud of our company. On its 11th birthday, I would like to wish our company even more amazing achievements!

  • Zhao Wei
    Marine Chemical Research Institute

    The year 2015 marked my 10th year at ChemChina which has converted a little bit muddle-headed college graduate into an excellent professional with rich expertise. Today, I feel my innermost pride when I see new materials developed by us are applied in China’s most advanced arms and equipment. Many life choices are open to us.I have chosen ChemChina. Over the past decade, she witnessed my growth and I felt her glory. We are convinced that we will have an even brighter future…

  • Liu Zeng
    Cangzhou Dahua TDI Co., Ltd.

    I clearly remember that I became an operator of TDI workshop of Cangzhou Dahua TDI Co., Ltd. on May 16, 2004. Over the past 11 years, I have a tough but rewarding journey along which there is sweat and joy.
    Over the past 11 years, it is etched on my mind that I should value honors, remain grateful and honor my duties.
    My experience over the past 11 years has steeled my determination to work together with my fellow young workers to build ChemChina into an international first-class chemical enterprise.

  • Huang Weibin
    Zhonghao Chenguang

    I'm grateful for ChemChina for admitting me in the best time of my life. Freshly out of college, I feel full of vim and vigor. Thanks to the vibrant platform offered by ChemChina, I can pursue my dream, for personal fulfillment. ChemChina truly realize my shortcomings and growth potential, grow together with the enterprise, and understand the dignity and responsibility of sharing weal and woe. I'm so thankful to you, ChemChina. It is nice to be with you along the way.

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