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Syngenta to supply hand sanitizer to fight COVID-19

Agrochemical Enterprises of ChemChina Ensure Spring Farming with Steady Producti…

You can also make disinfectant by yourself!

Three Actions Regarding Masks Taken by ChemChina: Donation, Development and Supp…

Network News Broadcast Reports China Haohua Running Ahead of Other Central Compa…

Bluestar Chengrand aids hospital construction

ChemChina digging in deep for coronavirus fight

55 hours! First isolation gown offline in Shuguang Institute

Yang Xingqiang inspects epidemic prevention

Shenyang Rubber Institute turns to medical isolation gowns

Elkem Xinghuo Silicones responds quickly to disinfectant need

Shenyang Chemical hits 82-year high

Bluestar International overcomes transport challenges

Elkem Xinghuo Silicones return to production step by step

Shenyang Chemical Group resume work by flexible measures

Bluestar Dongda contributed to hospitals, ambulances and gloves

Love is the best weapon against coronavirus

Nantong Xingchen adopts online solutions

Bluestar subsidiaries resume production with adequate prevention measures

Elkem purchases facial masks globally

Bluestar Dongda has coherent teamwork in resumption

Adisseo's digital platform play a role in work resumption

TAL ships masks from Britain

ChemChina's overseas companies give their hand

A letter to all employees and family members of Sinochem and ChemChina

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