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Network News Broadcast Reports China Haohua Running Ahead of Other Central Companies

Date: 2020-03-02

In recent days when we are fighting against COVID-19,central companies have played a role of vanguard and main force and have been used as a "wheel" prominently. On one hand, they have moved to produce important medical resources, e.g. isolating clothing, which are necessary to fight against COVID-19 to help winning the battle of epidemic prevention and control; and on the other hand, they have been devoted into work resumption to ensure the smooth production and operation.

To thoroughly implement the deployment requirements of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council and the SASAC, China Haohua, a company affiliated to ChemChina, actively takes the burden of a central company, taking advantage of its technological advantages in special rubber products and fluorine-containing new materials and devoting itself into production line switch to develop new isolating clothing and protective mask materials in the shortest time and at the fastest speed, so as to provide strong support for winning the battle of epidemic prevention and control. On Feb. 21, China Haohua's contribution to the fight against COVID-19 came to the attention of CCTV Network News Broadcast, and Hu Dongchen, the Chairman and Party Secretary of China Haohua, was interviewed by CCTV reporters.

In the interview, Hu Dongchen introduced in detail the company's production line change and stated below. "The special rubber isolating clothing developed by us can be reused for 5-30 times after disinfection and sterilization. Now, our daily isolating clothing capacity is up to 3000 suits, and we are trying to expand the capacity. Meanwhile, depending our own products, we have developed special expanded PTFE compound masks to solve the difficulties faced by enterprises in resuming production. In this battlefield without smoke of gunpowder, we will definitely give all our strength, run ahead of central enterprises, and contribute to the overall fight against the battle of epidemic prevention and control."

It is said that the scientific research institutes (Shuguang Institute and Shenyang Institute), of which China Haohua is a member, are national-level institutes which are specialized in research, development and production of special rubber products in China and have the research, development and production capacity to produce "isolating clothing" for chemical pollutants. After the outbreak, the two institutes urgently set up a project to change the production line and participated in the research and development of medical materials for isolating clothing, formula design, plate making and qualification application. In just 5 days, the first batch of isolating clothing was taken off the production line and delivered to medical institutes for immediate relief.

While the two companies were moving to produce protective clothing rapidly, the scientific research institutes (Shuguang Institute and Shenyang Institute), of which China Haohua is a member, based on their scientific research and innovation capacities, successfully developed PTFE dispersing resin masks. This new chemical material is raw material for fabric film covering for special medical protective clothing. With good performance and strong re-usability, this material was widely used in the SARS epidemic prevention front in 2003.

Now, this report has been broadcast one after another on CCTV's Network News Broadcast, Morning News, and Live News and Phoenix Satellite TV's News program, and has received extensive attention and praise from all walks of life.

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