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You can also make disinfectant by yourself!

Date: 2020-03-03

Consumables like disinfectants will be inevitably in short supply amid such special period of epidemic prevention and control.
How to solve the problem?
Is there any more convenient local disinfectant production and use solution?

In order to address the disinfectants demand gap, Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as BCMC) and Sichuan BlueStar Machinery Co, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as BlueStar Machinery), both of which as subordinate enterprises of ChemChina, have jointly developed a type of small disinfection equipment - sodium hypochlorite generator just within over a week by combining their electrolytic technology and skid-mounted equipment production capacity.

The equipment is used to produce the disinfectant with sodium hypochlorite as the main active ingredient by electrolyzing saline water.  

With an effective chlorine content of 0.5g/l-7g/l, the disinfectant can effectively kill the pathogenic bacterium, pyogenic coccus and bacterial spore inhabiting the intestinal tract.  

It's easy to get necessary raw materials. The disinfectant can be produced just with common salt and water, and is safe and free of side effects. 

The equipment can be operated conveniently by just pressing a key.  

The produced disinfectant can be used to disinfect the surfaces of objects at various places, light colored clothes, contaminated articles from hospitals, fruits and vegetables to remove pesticide residues, livestock breeding farm etc. 

According to introduction, this small sodium hypochlorite generator can be used to locally produce disinfectants for sanitation, hygiene and disinfection in places such as homes, offices, hospitals, traffic places like stations and airports, restaurants and livestock breeding farms as well as in industries such as food processing industry and livestock breeding industry. Therefore, it's convenient, quick, economical and highly efficient.
According to the person in charge of the equipment project, it's the responsibility of us central enterprises to urgently develop and roll out the equipment amid the epidemic.  

Both enterprises have accumulated deep technical and production capabilities in the chemical machinery industry, able to guarantee the production and supply of high quality equipment.  

In combination with the application scenarios and requirements of users, equipment can be customized and lifetime-free maintenance can be provided to maximally meet the disinfection requirements of industries. 

The series of sodium hypochlorite generators jointly rolled out by two subordinate enterprises of ChemChina include vertical type and skid-mounted type.

The vertical sodium hypochlorite generator is similar to the common water dispenser in appearance, and can be operated conveniently by just pressing a key. The disinfectant produced by it can be used directly without being diluted. The vertical sodium hypochlorite generator can produce 20 L of disinfectant with an effective chlorine content of 0.5g/l per hour, which can be used to disinfect an area of at least 2000 square meters, suitable to be used in homes and offices.

The skid-mounted sodium hypochlorite generator which can be skid-mounted and fully automatically controlled, can produce more disinfectant once and prepare disinfectant uninterruptedly, more suitable to be used in hospitals, traffic places and industrial production sites. Take preparing the disinfectant with an effective chlorine content of 7.g/l for example. The equipment can produce 30 L disinfectant per hour, which can be used to disinfect an area of about 42000 square meters after being diluted. (Note: refer to local standards for specific usage.)

The small sodium hypochlorite generator jointly developed by the subordinate enterprises of ChemChina has been able to realize the customized mass production. The first skid-mounted skid-mounted sodium hypochlorite generator will be put into use in the People's Hospital of Deyang National Economic Technological Development Area.

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